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Sagittarius April 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to April 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign!Sagittarius April 2016 Horoscope

Sagittarius April 2016 Horoscope – Overview

Dear Sagittarius, during April 2016, you may feel a touch insecure. It is a year where the pace is fast and the events are sometimes confusing; there is not always a lot of concrete data or solid information that you can fall back on. You must rely on your wits and trust your instincts. In your heart, you feel positive and buoyant and yet your head is sometimes a little bewildered and craving of more stability and consistency. Advice and past experiences may not be very useful in helping you make the decisions you need to make, either at work or personally; this year it’s all new and you will have to navigate some unchartered territory, and while this can be very exciting, it can also be a challenge.

This year is certainly full of change and variety. What there is a lack of, however, is routine and routine no matter how much we hate it can be a vital structure for us, which can give us an emotional or psychological anchor. This year and in April 2016 especially, you may feel as if you are on a ship trying to get your sea legs; you may even feel a little ‘rootless’ i.e. you need to get back to your roots, but they are not there, and there does not seem to be much to fall back on.

Being self-reliant and going with the decisions you make without looking back and without selfcriticism is vital – hold your breath, close your eyes and jump. While you should accept some constructive feedback in April 2016, you must not take it personally, view it dispassionately and make use of it if you can. Sagittarius, you are very sensitive right now, and certain criticism may feed into your selfdoubts and insecurity – you must repel any feedback that is negative. Your overall outlook is very positive; however, emotionally you are adapting, and that is what is causing some of the doubts and worries.

April 2016 Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Sagittarians may be non-committal in new relationships as you are trying to find yourself – this can be frustrating for your new lover who will find it hard to read you and know how to please you.

Sagittarians are rather enigmatic in love relationships this April – internally you are feeling rather vague and disconnected and, as a result, you are giving out mixed signals that are very confusing. In fact, your internal state of confusion can be projected onto the relationship, creating misunderstandings and a mis-match of needs. You feel more vulnerable than usual and are craving closeness and yet you are acting almost flippant and even evasive. Your insecurity may make you withdraw, which can isolate you from what you really need, which is a strong partner to take you in hand and hold you tight and tell you everything is fine.

April 2016 is a month when Sagittarians who have strong partners will draw from that strength and allay their self-doubts because of it, this will bring you both closer together and result in a wonderfully loving and sexually fulfilling month. If your partner is weak, this is a month when the relationship will struggle and where there can be arguments and silences. If your partner is a critical and bossy person, it can also be an awkward month for you.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope for April 2016

April 2016 can be a very successful and productive month for Sagittarians who use their hands in their work, i.e. artisans, physiotherapists, chiropractors, carpenters, jewelry makers, potters, etc. You are nimble and skilful and can make use of a more sensitive feel for your materials or the body. It is a good month for those of you involved in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and alternate health fields. You are more sensitive to feelings, touch and emotion, and this is helpful for diagnosis and psychological support to patients.

April is also a very important month for those of you who rely on inspiration for their job. You can draw on a rich emotional fabric in April 2016 as you are feeling your own deep-seated and often neglected emotions more deeply and what’s more, you are able to give concrete expression to those feelings in words, art or music.

You may find yourself mothering someone at work, and while your positivity can provide great comfort to them, it could become awkward if you do not know where to draw a line, and they could become overly dependent on you.

April 2016 is also a very exciting month for those of you who work in conservation, especially sea life and also oceanographers. Sagittarians are known as adventurers, and in April 2016 nature is calling you – your affinity with nature will be tested in pursuits like sailing, climbing or flying (i.e. gliding, parachuting) where you are almost at one with the elements and must use you judgment and your innate oneness with nature to navigate and make decisions.

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