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Sagittarius August 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our August 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign!

Sagittarius August Horoscope 2016- Overview

Pleasure is actually in the little things in August 2016 – you may have many big plans, but you may just find that the best times come out of unexpectedly good moments which take no planning and don’t cost the earth. If you are on a budget, fear not as a fabulous family holiday can be had this year for a fraction of what a fancy, expensive holiday could cost. It’s all about finding out what really counts and realizing that there are wonderful things to learn about and enjoy under your nose, which you may just be taking for granted.

You may find that you are putting a lot of energy into things that no longer matter to you – you will have to review your life and make adjustments for who you are now. You want the things you associate with to reflect who you are, and if certain people or groups have evolved in a different direction to you, maybe you should cut ties.

You started off the year with a vision and then things got confusing and you lost impetus. In August 2016 is time to get the ball rolling again, making changes and getting some momentum behind your goal plans. You can be very effective in inspiring people or galvanizing opinion and getting others to take action. A very good time to travel either mentally or physically – you have a need to expose yourself to new and challenging ideas: this can mean travel or even experiencing different cultures closer to home.

August 2016 Sagittarius August Love Horoscope

For single Sagittarians, love can blossom on holiday and again in August 2016 is favorable for longdistance relationships. Single Sagittarians will be attracted to new lovers who have an air of sophistication about them or who are well travelled or well read – you want to learn from your lover, and the more he/she can introduce you to new ideas, new places and new concepts, the more intriguing and fulfilling you will find the new relationship.

Space to grow and appreciation of differences is what really contributes to relationship growth and to excitement. This is not about gelling and becoming reflections of each other, it is about reveling in what is very different about you and how those differences make life both exciting and challenging.

In August 2016 also brings new luck in love for those in same sex, cross-cultural or in alternate relationships – this is a very good time to speak about your relationships to help reduce prejudices and ignorance. For all relationships, this is a good month to ‘go public’ i.e. announce engagements, send wedding invites or just tell the world about yourselves.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope August 2016

August 2016 is a month for expansion and long-term goal setting in whatever career or field you are in – set your sights high, and assess what needs to be done to get there.

August 2016 is a very good period in which to settle legal disputes and to build new relationships with other businesses – outsourcing overseas or looking to suppliers overseas is an option.

Many Sagittarians work in the legal field, and in August 2016 marks the start of a very productive and successful period where you can increase your profile and gain clients who are exciting to work with and from whom you can learn a lot. There is a steep learning curve for all Sagittarians at work now, and you have to put extra effort in to increase your knowledge – you may go on a crash course or an intensive induction process.

In August 2016 bodes well for publishers and promoters, especially if your products or books are about self-improvement, philosophy, self-awareness, growth and travel. If you work in a field where you seek to advance and improve society, either by creating awareness or raising funds, you can be very successful.

August 2016 can mark a changing of the guard for Sagittarians in family businesses – you may be about to take over or take a bigger role, with a new vision. A family member can be a powerful mentor who can help you get your first job or on the first rung of a profession or trade.

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