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Sagittarius Cartoon Character

Pepe Le PewPepe Le Pew of Looney Toons fame is, without a doubt, a world-class Sagittarius person. He has a constantly happy demeanor and bounces from flower to flower with a sincere and unruffled optimism regarding the future.

Like the typical Sagittarius, Pepe is always looking forward to whatever is around the next corner. This strong sense of the pure fun of existence makes life quite delightful around the lucky person born under the Sign of Sagittarius.

Like Pepe, however, Sagittarians do not like responsibility. Responsibility ties them down so that they cannot indulge themselves in their favorite pastimes – which, with Pepe, involves chasing female skunks, or even cats that closely resemble female skunks, with romantic intent!

Both Pepe and the Sagittarius person love to indulge their passions completely, and they are determined to remain young forever in order to continue to attract members of the opposite sex. Whether they actually ever get what they really want is anyone’s guess – but they have a lot of fun trying!

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