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Sagittarius December 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our December 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign!

Sagittarius December Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Sagittarius, December 2016 is the month for a good rest and to relax – you really need a mental break over December to unwind as it has been a very busy and fast-paced year. While many businesses pick up pace over December meaning more not less work, if you can plan in advance, I would try and factor in some time off so you can have a breather at some point. Do not take on any ambitious party planning this December, leave that to your mom or your sister; go to their house and let them do all the work, you deserve a rest.

Even if you cannot slow down as such and put your feet up, it is important to do things that are recreational and relaxing, and which allow you to switch off. There is the temptation to down the alcohol this Christmas, be careful to do everything in moderation.

You are highly practically-minded right now and can get things done, you are looking to wrap up things for the year efficiently.

One drawback of December 2016 is idealizing the past and comparing the present to the past in a way that unfairly casts the past in too positive a light and the present too critically. Do not try and recapture the past or recreate it by trying to repeat places/people/events – nothing is as good the second time around. Live for now and do not allow reminiscing to overshadow the joy of now.

Sagittarius December 2016 Love Horoscope

Family relationships and the mutual nurturing within the family circle are important for Sagittarius in December 2016. There is a strong emphasis on respect and on the simple things that really matter. Giving is important to you, and you are giving of yourself in relationships, which will help love to flow.

You really want to share yourself, and that means opening up about feelings, emotions and fears – you can show your vulnerable side, which is very attractive. There is this desire you have to let your guard down and to relax, especially when in the company of your loved ones.

If you are feeling as if you cannot relax and cannot be yourself now, then perhaps it is indicative that you are not as comfortable with your partner/lover as you could be – ask yourself why you are holding back? What questions and worries do you have about the relationship? What could your partner do to allay these fears and worries? The overwhelming desire is to trust and to be open-hearted with those you love, and if you cannot, this means there are certainly things you have to address. You will need to be honest with yourself about what you feel needs to change in the relationship and how you can change it.

December 2016 is a magical time for relationships that are solid and honest; you can enjoy all the pleasures of the season together, and your social life will be filled with good friends and quality gettogethers.

In December 2016, you will be with the people who mean the most to you and who have the most to contribute to your life; this is not a holiday season of trivial frivolity, it has a deeper context and meaning and will be remembered for a long time.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope December 2016

There is a feel-good factor at work, and you can see the best side of even the people that usually annoy or frustrate you.

In December 2016 you will have to work hard to be efficient as machinery breakdown, logistical problems and even structural problems could affect your workplace. Be prepared is the motto and leave more time than you need for all deadlines and journeys.

You do can create organization out of chaos in December 2016 – you do have the clarity of mind and strength of character to make critical on-the-spot decisions.

If you work in public service, i.e. A&E, fire and rescue, the clergy, local politician, police, etc. you may have to give up your time over the holidays to help and support others. It can, however, be a very fulfilling period where your level of fulfilment, job satisfaction and the camaraderie you experience actually makes it a Christmas to remember.

Sagittarius, December 2016 is a great time for bringing creative projects through to a success – you will be able to cope with the organizational and coordinating side of artistic projects effectively.

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