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Sagittarius Dog Personality

Don’t go so far as to try to catch a Frisbee in your teeth, but to all lesser extents an interest in physical exercise is definitely encouraged. The Dog Sagittarius should let their play become their work ever so slowly, without relinquishing a sense of fun — which can be life sustaining both for your inner Dog and for all the others who count on you to show them how to have a good time.

Dog SagittariusIf you’re feeling painted into a corner, then climb out the window and run like a Sagittarius before it’s too late and the walls start closing in.

You’ll wish you could go back to school and stay there forever, but this cannot be done, for time cannot be frozen, and you’re just wise enough to have that particular truism tattooed on your very bones. Beware keeping company with one who lives all their life in childhood!

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