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Sagittarius Dragon Personality

People flock to gather around a Dragon Sagittarius, because you’re a total hedonist and bring the party with you wherever you go. You manage to be a Dragon-style leader by simply managing to have more fun than anybody else, anytime, anywhere. You’re so cheerful it’s sometimes nauseating to anyone other than a fellow Sagittarius.

You have a heart big as all outdoors, which makes you the ultimate romantic philanthropist — but don’t get carried away to the point of being embarrassed by your choice of lovers.

Relationships based on pity never work in the long run, and by now you should know this. You find yourself gravitating, geographically speaking, to the California coast, as your penchant for outdoor activities like skydiving, rollerblading, surfing, mountain biking and snowboarding is most easily indulged in that locale. Be sure to stick to the prospective mate that shares this interest in all-out exercise!

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