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Sagittarius Astrological Goddess Power

Sagittarius Astrological Goddess Power

The Sagittarius woman is a charming optimist.

You are the adventurer of the Zodiac and define pure unrestrained freedom.

Your Many Fabulous Qualities

Sagittarius dear, you are so honest that you bring the shock value to a new level. Men love that you refuse to play the coy game and secretly wonder how to capture you. You would do anything for any one that asks but taking orders is not on your agenda.

You are blunt one moment and then super charming the next. There is never a dull moment for any man in your life.

You have the unique ability to always see the glass half full while realizing completely that it is also half empty. You just prefer the positive over the negative and bring optimism to every relationship.

Sagittarius women are always calm and composed until they are crossed. You don’t need a man to defend you or your turf and heaven help the guy who does you wrong.

Despite your tough resolve, you are super soft inside. Only the lucky few ever get to see how tender your heart really is.

You are a man’s lady with the ability to be just one of the guys while maintaining your sensual female demeanor. Men like to hang out as much as they love getting intimate with you.

You are so self-confident that society’s opinions just don’t matter to you. A true free spirit with a rebel’s soul makes you more fun that most other signs of the Zodiac. Men respect that your generosity never treads on your self-esteem.

Sagittarius women make great friends and wives as they let most offenses roll right off their backs. Even when you get angry, you can quickly recover and move on and men especially love that you never hold a grudge.

You are a dreamer that can make your or your man’s dreams come true. You believe that what you want can be yours if you just go out and get it and you always do.

You are far more romance than most realize but that will never stop you from indulging in wild – even kinky – sexual escapades.

And Sagittarius dear, while all these qualities are rightfully yours, the universe gave you something else that makes you the Sagittarius Goddess.

Your True Goddess Power

Of all your fabulous qualities, your independence is your power source. While you can fall deeply in love and remain loyal for life, you can also go it alone and still have a wonderful time. Your independence also extends to material objects, which you can embrace with pleasurable delight and abandon on a whim.

Never underestimate this awesome power and realize how much joy you can bring to others but sharing it. Nothing in life is permanent but most cling to people and things as though it would go on forever. You uniquely understand that life is an adventure to be experienced and not held onto. Let your spirit soar and help others spread their own wings and you will set free your true inner Goddess.

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