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The mind, or mental field, is the most important part in the evolution of our Soul. This is because it is the mind that links Spirit with our body. When the Sun is transmitting Sagittarian light, there is a tremendous growth of mental consciousness. With this expansion new responsibilities and criteria of behavior are required, because as consciousness grows, the polarities of creation and destruction become greater. Therefore, it is of supreme importance that we calm the physical body and emotions and clear the mental field.

One simple exercise is to firmly tell the physical and emotional to calm, and to inform the mental to be observant and clear. Observing one’s thoughts is an activity that helps maintain the clearing of the mental field. This eventually assists us in choosing our behaviors instead of maintaining our usual unconscious reaction to events. Clearing the mental field enables us to examine what is truth and what is falsity. Understanding these polarities does away with illusion, which hides our vision and goals.

Another exercise focuses on our speech. Talking involves sound, and sound actually has the force of electrical fire. All speech, which is a form of fire, creates thought forms, and it is thought forms that bring ideas into matter. These forms can be creative or destructive. During Sagittarius the use of Right Speech brings positive forms into matter and enables us to penetrate and participate in that aspect of God whereby the “Word (electrical fire) became flesh (form or physical substance).” A secret known in the mystery temples is that the greatest form of sound is silence, for it is silence that precedes creation.

Sagittarius and the Body

Sagittarius works with:

• hips and thighs

• locomotion and lower spinal cord

• the ability of the eye to focus

• the sciatic nerve and fluteal muscles

• hepatic system (liver)

• arterial system

Jupiter, the personality ruler and therefore the planet that transmits Sagittarian energy, governs the liver, the main organ for protective detoxification. Jupiter also controls fat utilization in the body. (Note that the latest information on fats is that margarine is no longer considered a healthy substitute for butter.)

Homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and Bach Flower Remedies specifically for Sagittarius (person and time of year):

Homeopathic is Silica. This cell salt is an essential constituent of the brain’s connective tissues, the sheaths that cover the nerves, and the lens of the eye. It is necessary for the health of our vision, nervous system, and muscles. Silica is found in figs, prunes, and strawberries.

Herbs are bay leaf to dissolve obstructions in the liver, thyme and rosemary as liver tonics, and hyssop to cleanse.

Vitamins are C for collagen formation and B6 for healthy muscle functioning. Inositol, choline, and biotin support metabolism and fat distribution. Lecithin burns up excess fats.

Mineral is zinc to synthesize protein.

Bach Flower Remedy is Rock Water.

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