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Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our January 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign!Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope

Sagittarius January 2016 Monthly Horoscope – Overview

The Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope shows that complacency and the tendency to assume things is your biggest problem this January. You must carefully make lists and tick things off, try and be systematic and not haphazard about the way you go about things. Not thinking things through and being too hasty to act can lead to a dilemma later on. The thing is, you are changing your mind quite quickly and so what looked like a good idea two days ago may take on an entirely new perspective – it is thus not a good time for major decisions as information is coming at you from different angles and situations are in flux.

The Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope also shows that you can be very sensitive to the opinions of others, and they may influence you in two ways: you may do the exact opposite of what they said just to show that you have a mind of your own, or you may be subconsciously influenced by what they have said, even if what they have said has no constructive value. Either way, their opinions may force you into acting when you should hold back and let things settle before you decide what to do.

The danger of January 2016 month for Sagittarius is that you feel very objective, but you are actually acting according to what feels right on an emotional and personal level. You can always make the objective facts follow your own subjective narrative to convince yourself of what you are doing, but is that helpful in the long term? You may want to make choices that reflect how you have always done things, when perhaps now is a time to change old ways.

In January 2016 you will be challenged to own up to and begin to address prejudices and preconceived ideas when you are thrown into situations where moral judgment is tested.

Relationships with siblings can be up and down in January 2016, and you will get the feeling that they are not really listening to you – it may be a sign that you have neglected your sibling relationships and need to spend more time cultivating them again.

January 2016 is set to be off to a flying start and your eagerness and enthusiasm to take up challenges is there. You must muster up some determination and staying power as when Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th there will be pitfalls and problems getting your message across – this is why you must be methodical as any sloppiness of details will trip you up now.

January 2016 Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope for Love reveals that intellectualizing emotions and trying to eliminate feelings from relationships can be the wrong way to improve communications in this month. Emotions have a life of their own and cannot always be rationalized.

Sagittarians are uncomfortable with excessive emotion in January 2016, and that can lead to this over rationalizing and explaining way of feelings – it can indeed make you come across as a little unsympathetic. It may be better for you to chat about positive ways forward rather than trying to put a positive spin on negative things from the past. Some people like to lick wounds and sulk for a time, for them it is therapeutic and they move on afterwards; you should not try too hard to jolt your partner out of that habit or way of thinking in order to force your ‘let’s get on with it’ method. Be more compassionate and patient in relationships and use your positivity to lighten the mood, not to lecture.

January 2016 is a good month for Sagittarians to chat about joint finances and how to spend or invest money, i.e., redecorating, home improvements, pensions or how you can save for special treats, i.e. holidays and new cars.

January 2016 is an excellent month for single Sagittarius to meet new potential partners – you may flirt extensively and play the field as your options are many due to your carefree sparkle.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope for January 2016

The Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope for Career shows that January 2016 is a great month for learning new skills and meeting new people via your work. There should be quite a lot of work for January 2016, which is great if you are having sales and promotions. Communication with clients and customers is vital, and you cannot lose any chance to put your name out there as competition is intense right now. If you work in a field which involves transport, distribution, travel, logistics or data flow, you must be well organized as Mercury retrograde can cause disruption in all these areas and so you are well advised to get ahead of schedule after the 22nd.

January 2016 is a very busy and interesting month for Sagittarians who are interpreters, teachers, copywriters and IT specialists: it feels good to be at work, and you are stimulated and highly productive – no black coffee needed. Sagittarians are very restless in January 2016, and the more your work provides a chance to meet people, learn, challenge yourself mentally or travel, the happier and more fulfilled you are no matter what the workload.

The Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope also shows that if you are not employed or are feeling that your work holds nothing that can broaden your horizons, this is the time for a CV sending out blitz – remember you are positivity personified this year and even gambles will pay off, so push the boat out and have a stab at some new career opportunities.

Sagittarius’ problem-solving skills are excellent this month, you are mentally astute and keenly observant, as long as you think before you speak and are diplomatic when putting forward your solutions, you can make quite an impact. In business or employment, you can outthink and outwit your competitors, and you can do things fast.

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