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Sagittarius Jealousy

Sagittarius Jealousy

Sagittarius attitude toward jealousy

You’re being dazzled by a Sagittarius. What to do about it?

Have fun and enjoy it.

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, also known as the Archer, is the third fire sign of the zodiac. Sags born on the cusp of Scorpio can be more intense and less outgoing, and Sags born on the cusp of Capricorn may be more serious and less flighty.

Sagittarians are very much a fun, adventurous, outgoing personality. Life is a grand buffet and they want a taste of everything! They love their freedom. The more impulsive amongst them will not hesitate to jump onto the next adventure bandwagon passing by, regardless of whatever duties are before them.

Sags are a cheerful, outgoing crew. At a party, they’ll be the one out-talking anyone else in the room. They’re very intellectual and love a good debate. However, they can be indiscreet, so it may be best not to share your deepest secrets if you don’t want them accidentally blurted out.

The Archer is not overly emotional. Conversations with a typical Sagittarius can run the gamut of idealistic, optimistic topics, often quite quickly. They’re a reasonable lot, logical and curious and generally very interested in everything and everyone around them.

Some of the greatest joys in a Sag’s life are family and friends and people and just life, itself. They also love a good challenge. In contests or sporting events or debates, what have you, a Sagittarius will jump in and engage any and all opponents. They’re usually clean fighters, though. Fair-minded and enthusiastic, they’re no sore loser.

Sags can also be a bit clumsy and tactless. They like their life just as it is, and don’t take well to domestication, thank you. They can have a quick-flash temper, hot and loud.

Sagittarians are not usually the jealous type. In love, they’re fun and flirty and not inclined to get too serious. They love their freedom too much. If one can manage to put a ring on a Sag’s finger, then over time their Archer may become a bit stifled, and then may become a bit jealous and insecure, in which case their temper will make things uncomfortable. When settled down, a Sagittarius must make sure to have creative, intellectual and maybe even sporting outlets for their tremendous energy; otherwise, they get bored and start to over-think things, and that can lead to jealous fits of temper.

Sags are most compatible with the other fire signs, Aries and Leo, as they are both independent and free-spirited themselves.

Air signs Aquarius and Libra are both independent and intellectual and light-hearted, which is also compatible with fiery Sagittarius. Earthy Capricorn will help stabilize and settle the Archer, and the passionate, intense water sign Scorpio will fascinate and stimulate Sagittarius.

Earthy Taurus may be too much of a stick in the mud for Sagittarius, and moody water sign Cancer may bring them down.

Watery Pisces may be too emotional and clingy for Sagittarius. Earthy Virgo may be too critical and demanding, and airy Gemini may be too much like Sagittarius for them to really get on well.

If you’ve got a Sagittarius in your life, have fun and don’t take it all too seriously. Remember, for the Sagittarius, the strongest chain in the world is no chain at all!

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