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Sagittarius June 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our June 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign!

Sagittarius June Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

You can be rather indecisive in June 2016 and may chop and change between ideas and plans, you are having a month of last minute dot com, with 11th hour changes of mind. It is actually a difficult month to make important decisions, and that is why you are procrastinating – the information is vague and unclear, and so it is hard to make a rational decision, no matter how you weigh up the pros and cons. Your best friend may have very important advice for you in June 2016 – listen carefully to what he/she says as he/she may have an entirely different perspective.

You are very imaginative and creative right now, and music will play a very important part in your life. Dreams, déjà vu and sudden insights can leave you confused, and you will have to gather all your esoteric brainwaves to decipher the information. The universe often gives us clues and hints to help us make decisions; however, they are often very subtle and even vague, and one must either meditate or allow your intuition to speak to you to help you decipher. The clues and the answers to your questions are there; in June 2016 be alert to the signs and use your heart to interpret.

June 2016 Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

June 2016 is a month of far more clarity and calm in relationships after last month’s topsy-turvy concoction of frustration, irritation, impatience and hassle. You realize now that no one is to blame, and the mistakes and misunderstandings were small and easy to forget. Resolving differences and maintaining an even keel in your love relationship comes easy; in fact, there is even a deep understanding between you that has been blossomed. Common goals are important in relationships now and so is pursuing mutual interest. Working and playing together lead to excitement in the bedroom.

A strong desire to understand others and take their opinions into consideration will help both new and older relationships.

Single Sagittarians are spoilt for choice in love and may have love interests at work as well as within your social circle – you are playing the field right now and are not in the mood to commit to anything serious that will limit your freedom. This is the best way to go actually as this is not a good time to marry, move in with a partner or commit relationship-wise. If you are in a relationship, do not take it to the next level in June 2016. If you are single, stay that way and keep it to dating.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope June 2016

June 2016 is not a great month for big financial decisions or major strategic decisions. At work keep it simple and keep your head down. It is not a great time to take risks or try anything outlandish. Details are important as is trust – be careful who you place your trust in at work or in business dealings.

Be very clear in all your communications and make an effort to be specific, even if you are pedantic as misunderstandings, mistakes and misinterpretations are likely right now.

Do not allow yourself to be talked into doing anything that does not feel or sound right – stick to your guns, say NO and mean NO. Do not go along with the crowd or become inured to behavior that is not right, even if others in the office or your industry are doing it.



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