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Sagittarius In Karmic Astrology

Sagittarius To be an advocate and promulgator of nobility, righteousness and a higher law and order

Doors may fortuitously open for you, but you might not gain by entering! There will be ample opportunities to sell out, to become complacent and to promote some special interest status quo. Practice what you preach. God’s Law is also God’s yoke (Yoga): are you committed enough to see it through or do you want to take the easy way? The rewards are great and so are the responsibilities. As you are here to convince others, be sure you have learned your subject! Incorporate perspectives from afar! Other places and cultures add spice and objectivity.

“The teacher needs a thorough education.”

This person is the old Gypsy, the nomadic personality, the Gurus of the temples, the monastic gurus…all in a more or less fortune telling or teaching profession, this time trying to find structure to the teaching.

They have dreams of travel, seldom do they travel to the extent of their reputation.

This sign is learning to communicate within a structure and if you have every heard a prominent Sagittarius converse, they either are tactless and get to the point easily or they circumvent the situation in a round about way and try to structure their languaging, talking on and on and on. They do thrive on a relationship with someone who will LISTEN OR AT LEAST PROVIDE AN AUDIENCE. The depth of communication often fails to be realized.

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