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The Sagittarius Man

The word of order for natives of this sign is: it “conquers”. It is a question of winni gover a woman, a reason, an idea or a place, the path of conquest is strongly impressed in their psyche and it shows through a great enthusiasm that remains alive and intense until they arrive at their destination, after which, all interest will be lost in a moment.

Obviously our friend is a complex hero who takes his intuitions directly from Zeus, the great lord of the Skies and who inspires him and instils confidence, making him restless at the same time, and therefore, ready to leave for some foreign destination.

The Sagittarius man has a powerful relationship with Fire, but this is internal, it is no longer only an outward fire, here he begins to “to warm his mind up” and this can be seen in the extreme strength he applies at the beginning of each journey and in his gradual enthusiasm as he approaches his goals; as if everything had run out in that initial psychological whirlpool and in that phase of activation of the imagination that catches fire and consumes, in that fleeting moment which is still not real and everythign is still possible.

He is a man full of vitality, he has an imaginative and powerful mind that grips a restless soul and is never completely satisfied; he is a real “crusader” in the sense that always has something bigger than himself and what he has in mind. He has a kind of avidity, but this is consumed in gaining knowledge, of things, places, issues, women… but always knowing that it is something of which he has caught a ” glimpse” but “that is not yet there”.

His psyche makes him feel imprisoned and bounded and as if he is forced to be inside things that he knows and that bore him then he activates his internal engine, which starts his imagination, and his imagination presses him to look further, to go beyond what he sees with his eyes, also relying on the idea that somewhere a wonderful and fantastic territory exists and that it does not matter if it is far away; the important thing is to leave and to start a journey to be able to reach the “promised land” one day.

So, the Sagittarius man allows himself to constantly seduce his two planets that seem to work in tandem so as not to give him peace and not let hold firm in his beliefs; in fact, Jupiter continually seems to suggest to him the presence of striking places of the mind, and Neptune gives him a sense of boredom and restlessness that spur him on not remain where he is. It is difficult to keep our hero back; he needs novelty, enthusiasm and cannot do things he has already experienced, because he will feel dead, because his mind, if it does not find space and if it does not find territories to be explored, will worsen and lose energy.

Even romantically the Sagittarius man is always in movement: he needs to dream, to imagine and to have excitement; he needs to believe that his love is unique and that he will never get bored of it, and that if this will happen, he will leave again like Zeus in search of a new “flower”, to be explored and to get to known.

When the Sagittarius man has nothing to explore, he will go to search for the truth and thus we will see him leaving in search of a spiritual Master, a Guru who he will certainly trust and that let him open up to the unknown and “untried” experiences.

Therefore, we can say that the man of this sign is in a condition of “eternal pilgrimage”, moved by his inner vision that are the real “reasons” that drive his searches.

Good pilgrims in fact can learn only through history, and therefore, he is pushed “to be put on the path” to understanding in order to reach a superior consciousness. It does not matter what path he will do down, the important thing for this man is “to start a journey”, and then he will arrive somewhere and understand the reason for his journey and why he got there.

The man of Sagittarius will sometimes play the role of the disciple and sometimes the Guru; from time to time he will be the one who knows or the one who is searching for something and in this way he will be able to be the guru to those he will meet on his journey and will be a disciple for those who have already been on the journey.

And it is in this sign that there is the beginning of a personal journey in search of his soul; unfortunately a lot of time will pass before Jupiter manages to give way to Neptune. The need in Sagittarius means that there is still a strong reference to something real … it is necessary to set a goal, to have goals, to look for something, for a point, a land, a truth or a dogma, in any case something in which to believe … and after all this search the result will come … the moment in which it is clear that it is possible to stop travelling because the continent he was looking for is inside and is not outside.

Like the old Zen story in which a disciple asks his master:

– but all these years to learn technique and practice, what will they be used for?

– The Master answers: nothing dear pupil!

– For nothing, then why have you made me practic so much?

– You must nevertheless learn the techniques in order for you to discover that they are all for nothing!

This little Zen story seems to clearly represent the myth of this sign in which Jupiter lets him relate to Neptune: everything that is material and tangible is important and must be searched for until it is found, and when you realise it does not serve any purpose … at that point there is a realisation, of the “mind”, feedback … to his superior reference point. Without this passage of tangible and material searching there would be no possibility of approaching what, basically, each Sagittarius man looks for: himself and his centre of permanent gravity.

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