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Sagittarius November 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our November 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign!

Sagittarius November Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Sagittarius, in November 2016 you may decide to implement some austerity in your own life – you are feeling very self-controlled and want to make cutbacks in eating, spending and general waste. You are on a money and timesaving drive, not just for the sake of it, but because you have certain aims in mind, and you need to be a lean, mean machine to achieve these.

It can be hard to deal with authority figures and bureaucracy in November 2016 – obstacles imposed by government or frustrating rules and regulations can be annoying and time-consuming. In November 2016, you will have to toe the line and may not have as much freedom to act as you wish.

Your relationship with one of your parents may be strained – you may feel as if they do not understand you and cannot be responsive to your needs. You may have to bite your lip and sign inwardly while you act dutifully.

You are rather run down in November 2016 and must eat loads of fresh green and orange vegetables along with proteins and fibre. You may find yourself addicted to coffee, even if you are watching your sugar intake – dieting should mean eating sensibly, not eating less of the good stuff as well. As long as you eat everything in moderation and avoid fast food, you should be on the right track. Moderate exercise regularly is preferable to energy sapping hard training or extreme sports. Make sure you watch your calcium levels.

You are willing to cooperate with others and are enjoying teamwork more than individual endeavors.

2016 Sagittarius November Love Horoscope

Your feelings are deep and intense in November 2016, and your passionate reactions may often overwhelm you. You are very protective of your loved ones and may enter conflicts on behalf of your partner.

Honesty and loyalty are key issues for you, and any feeling that your partner is not being as honest or loyal as he/she should be will draw a fiery response from you. You are not to be crossed in November 2016 – you can react very powerfully to hurts. Loyalty to you would include taking your side in arguments or differences you have with others – you do not want your partner to be playing devil’s advocate, you want his/her wholehearted support.

For Sagittarius love means putting your money where your mouth is – deeds and not words are what count, weasel words and poor excuses will make you very angry.

Single Sagittarians will be reticent in love: less gung-ho and more thoughtful. You are feeling more sensitive and have your guard up in November 2016, which is why you will want to take more time over new relationships than usual. In newly formed relationships, you may want a cooling off period in order to rethink things – is it planning out as you thought? Is it going where you want it to go?

Sagittarius Career Horoscope November 2016

Play your cards close to your chest in order to avoid open opposition – be coy and do not forewarn your competitors of what you are going to do if possible. You are very courageous in November 2016, and it will enable you to make tough decisions and take on roles that will intimidate others; be it public speaking, demanding leadership roles or having to deliver difficult news to staff or clients. You can deal well with taboo subjects should they arise in the workplace.

Your courage should not merge into a do or die attitude of brinkmanship – examine your motivations and do not put yourself or your reputation on the line unless you are certain you have evaluated other options and the fallout. Do not do the right thing for the wrong reason or it will not have the desired outcome.

Your spiritual will may be at odds with your ego right now – if you go for a new job/role/career and do not get it, do not be disappointed as maybe it was not meant for you – perhaps you were subconsciously not as eager for this new position as you thought, or maybe there was a bigger plan, a plan you cannot see the outline of yet.

Insuring your business property against burglary and also taking steps to make sure your systems have checks and balances to prevent fraud and hacking of important and confidential info is vital in November 2016.



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