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Sagittarius On Eight House Cusp

Sagittarius On Eight House Cusp

Sagittarius On Eight House Cusp

Sagittarius in 8th House – Sagittarius on the cusp of the Eighth House

In this placement, Sagittarius finds its adventures in the depths of the human psyche. You tend to seek knowledge and wisdom by going deep – very deep – into learning what others are passionate about and why.

This exploration is often strategic in nature – you want to learn and know how others feel about their money, food, home, and/or their sexual identity so you can use that information in order to use it against them if you need to, or in order to get (or manipulate) them into learning or receiving what you want to teach them. You are very determined to let others know your intellectual power – to let them know that you cannot be outsmarted.

However, you may want to recognize that you can also (and often) use your knowledge and wisdom as your own best emotional defense from others as well. You likely try and prove your intellectual superiority in order to protect yourself from being vulnerable to others or to protect yourself from being controlled or manipulated by others in financial, material, physical, or sexual ways.

The mental ability and agility of Sagittarius will find release in this house, for this is the house of the Search for Truth itself. Now, in this Search for Truth, the Sagittarian can very easily be highly selective, searching only for those things which might please the Sagittarian or would actually emphasize what he already believes in; in other words, seeking support for his own beliefs.

Yet the Sagittarian, at this location, could be one of the pioneers in new thinking, new thought, when it comes to Truth itself. In Metaphysics, it is taught that “Truth, like matter, is always becoming.” And the Sagittarian, with the rulership of Jupiter, can be very instrumental in adapting Truth to the current trends of mankind, all of the current structure.

The natural rulership of Scorpio of the eighth house gives a greater depth to the investigations of Sagittarius. This location of Sagittarius on the cusp of the eighth house, as well as the twelfth house, that would bring out the spiritual values, so that Sagittarius could be a truly spiritualized individual. Though the realization of concepts can cause regeneration within the Sagittarius individual himself, there is frequently more of a giving out of the energy by the fiery nature of Sagittarius to others in the form of healing.

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