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Sagittarius On Eleventh House Cusp

Sagittarius On Eleventh House Cusp

Sagittarius On Eleventh House Cusp

Sagittarius in 11th House – Sagittarius on the cusp of the Eleventh House

You explore and discover the world with and/or through your friends and acquaintances. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if you have met and continue to meet most of your friends and acquaintances through your travels and other adventures.

You participate in social events and opportunities that expand your wisdom and knowledge or that you believe may lead you closer to knowing and understanding the Ultimate Truth of life. Your social circles may have a lot of influence on your philosophical, religious, or spiritual beliefs…however, because of your inherent need for freedom it is unlikely you would get involved with a group-think organization or a cult of some kind.

Even if you do go all-in, you may find yourself running to escape if you find your personal freedom is curtailed. Working in humanitarian efforts or organizations that are geared toward education and teaching is not uncommon with this placement, and you’ll enjoy making your contributions to the lives of others as part of a team. People are drawn to your vision of “the big picture” of humanity and to your optimistic approach to life.

Sagittarians do not always develop the proper relationships in life. There is a tendency to be intellectually snobbish, very discriminative, and in many ways, an intellectual prejudice. Sagittarius on the cusp of the eleventh house has the responsibility of developing the proper relationships. Often a Sagittarian will bring around himself those of inferior qualities so that he can stand head and shoulders above them, and yet he will hold them in contempt. Also, the Sagittarian will be on the fringe of relationships with those who are wealthier, more intellectual, of higher social standing, basking in reflected glory, in other words.

Relationships are three-fold. It is this location of the sign of Sagittarius that demands that there be a self-identification with others and not so much just self. The fact that Sagittarius on the cusp of the eleventh house does square the second house in the horoscope indicates that there must be the value developed insofar as other people are concerned, but above all, there must be the development of positive self-value. A Sagittarian normally is not that much of a socially oriented person except when it comes to a type of advancement for the Sagittarian. You will find that the Sagittarian forms social circles or is involved in social circles for certain advances or advantages to himself. The self orientation is involved here.

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