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Sagittarius On Fifth House Cusp

Sagittarius On Fifth House Cusp

Sagittarius On Fifth House Cusp

Sagittarius in 5th House – Sagittarius on the cusp of the Fifth House

With Sagittarius’ passion for adventure and exploration, you find the most pleasure and joy in your recreational pursuits when you are free to be, do, and go wherever you please whenever you please however you please. And when you go, you do it in a big way – there’s either a large group of people, or there’s a big experience (and possibly a big price tag).

The small way is definitely not your way. In fact, every time you have a particular experience, the next time you do it you want it bigger and better than before…or you want it to be completely different in order to keep finding new experiences. However you go about it, you want it to bring you closer to Truth. Your passion is for gaining and/or increasing your wealth of knowledge and wisdom and Truth through each adventure you have.

In this location, Sagittarians would be more or less ambitious for their children, might even expect far too much from them. They are very proud and would expect that their children would be a reflection of them as parents. Since Sagittarius is also a gambler, the gambling instincts must be curbed. It is this location of Sagittarius that can bring in or emphasize the creative qualities of the Sagittarian mind.

Also with Sagittarius, there should be a creative technique developed in relationships to the extent where the Sagittarian could be a stimulant to the mind of man. Since it is a creative position there for Sagittarius, the caution must also be given to give out to others the results of the creativity. There is sometimes a feeling of not wanting to “cast pearls to swine,” and this type of snobbishness is a factor to be avoided – it is, in fact, not creative.

The creativeness of the mind of Sagittarius is further emphasized by the rulership of the planet Jupiter, which brings new ideas and concepts to what is already known. Jupiter brings an affinity for knowledge, and it offers an excellent location to be creative in the way this knowledge is presented for the understanding of others.

While gambling with money is a tangible and easily recognized situation, there is another aspect of gambling which is perhaps more serious, yet often overlooked. Sagittarians often gamble with life itself, tend to take chances which would again emphasize the opportunist. Money can be recouped; with life, it’s not so easy.

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