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Sagittarius On Ninth House Cusp

Sagittarius On Ninth House Cusp

Sagittarius On Ninth House Cusp

Sagittarius in 9th House – Sagittarius on the cusp of the Ninth House

This is the natural house placement for Sagittarius, and in this placement there is bound to be a great passion for teaching and sharing spiritual, religious, and/or philosophical beliefs. You seek out places and people who have open minds to what you have to offer philosophically and intellectually. As a natural professor of sorts, you tend to seek opportunities to teach or mentor others in some way.

However, you are also an explorer by nature, so you may find that you prefer to go out and do, then come back and teach…or you may simply teach on-the-go using the world as your classroom. You may find that you apply a lot of effort toward getting others see the world the way you do, though you may end up finding that you may have as much to learn from them as you think they need to learn from you. Everything you do is with the purpose of finding and discovering the meaning of life – the Ultimate Truth.

Since this is the natural location and the natural rulership of the sign of Sagittarius, the qualities and characteristics of the ninth house are much enhanced. Here the Satittarian with his mental interests could be extremely versatile, very much involved with philosophy, psychology, religions – any abstract investigation. With this location of Sagittarius from the viewpoint of vocation, the Sagittarian can be a methods engineer in this location. Also we are involved with the freedom aspect of that ninth house, so the restlessness is increased as well.

Now we are involved with religion, we are involved with psychology and philosophy, and in a dogmatic type of way. The Sagittarius on the cusp of the ninth house could be a stickler for forms, old forms, old ways. Yet, on a higher octave, could be very innovative, pioneering in new fields of education, science, religion, philosophy, psychology. This would be further supported if there is the location of the North Node in the sign on Sagittarius. It is directly opposite the third house of communication, and so the responsibility of Sagittarius on the ninth house is to communicate the knowledge, the higher knowledge abstractions and theory, but in a very practical way where they can be understood and applied to life by others.

It is also the completion of the third quartile and the non-self concept should be one of the features to be considered by the sign of Sagittarius on the cusp of the ninth house. The positive qualities of any given house draw or involve the qualities of those houses that are in trine aspect. Since we are talking here about the ninth house, this involves the first and fifth houses.

Within the academic situation normally associated with the ninth house, this would emphasize the desirable qualities of creativity within that endeavor, as well as the personal expression of it via the first house. It then will be constructive and productive of good for others. Jupiter being the natural ruler of Sagittarius, could bring in the wisdom aspect. This is the wisdom of the Masters, and the ninth house does include the Christ Concept of harmony and wisdom.

In the area of writing, the Sagittarian would be rather mechanistic, would probably write scientific types of journals or papers and would make good librarians because of method. Engineering, the reduction of theory into practical application, is possible. They make very good organizers of assembly lines. The Sagittarian would not actually set up the machines themselves, because the Sagittarian does not like to get involved in the grease of it, but would supervise.

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