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Sagittarius On Sixth House Cusp

Sagittarius On Sixth House Cusp

Sagittarius On Sixth House Cusp

Sagittarius in 6th House – Sagittarius on the cusp of the Sixth House

Your day-to-day life is all about adventure and exploration. That said, it is likely that you are constantly seeking ways to change up your routine or that you attempt to find ways to try and/or learn something new in each day’s activities. The information you gather likely has to do with healing or fixing things – you likely have a passion for being a problem-solver.

You also find personal growth and expansion through personal responsibility, so you may find yourself taking on a great deal of work or service activities in order to increase your capacity for pinpointing and resolving issues. This could also have you show up as a teacher or manager who teaches from and through first-hand and hands-on experience.

This is, of course, the house of service, the house of teaching, the house of the public. One of the greatest contributions that Sagittarius can make in this location is to bring the wherewithal to the public so that mankind can cope with life. This refers back to the biblical statement “seek ye the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” Mankind is bound by chains of ignorance. It is the responsibility of Sagittarius on the cusp of the sixth house to bring to the attention of mankind all the knowledge necessary to understand life and to be able to cope with life, and in coping with life, mankind can then be in control.

This is a service aspect to Sagittarius, which often does not like to be of service directly with people. The service that a Sagittarian can render should be self-less service and not service for the sake of a pat on the back or the recognition.

The natural rulership location of Virgo in this house gives a quality of endurance and persistence to an otherwise restless Sagittarian who might otherwise tend to scatter his energy. The quality that the Sagittarian must be cautious of when it comes to this location because of the rulership of Virgo, is the impatience with others. Sagittarians are usually healthy and are not that health-conscious but, because of the subtle influence of the sign of Virgo, could be interested in and involved in health movements, or health activities.

Here is the sign of the sportsman, so this is one location where the Sagittarius sign could promote sports activities within a community or any given area.

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