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Sagittarius On Twelfth House Cusp

Sagittarius On Twelfth House Cusp

Sagittarius On Twelfth House Cusp

Sagittarius in 12th House – Sagittarius on the cusp of the Twelfth House

Your passion for teaching others what you know from experience may become an all-consuming commitment to service. Sacrifice is not an uncommon theme here, and you may sacrifice yourself and your own well-being and your personal growth and expansion in order to teach or share the message of wisdom and truth that you have found through your life experiences in order to expand the lives of others.

Be careful not to play victim to others when they don’t see things the same way as you do or when they don’t share your beliefs. You likely focus on the bigger picture rather than on specific individuals, and you look at what you have to offer as philanthropy rather than charity – as sharing with equals rather than helping those who are lesser. This helps you avoid coming across to others as arrogant or superior. Be careful not to give more than you have, which is a very common thing for Sagittarius to do.

This the one area, thinking in terms of the religion of the ninth house, where the Sagittarian could mentally comprehend the Cosmic Pattern. What would be needed on the part of Sagittarius here is the feeling aspect, the compassion, the understanding, the relationship of the self with the Cosmic.

This is the house of spirituality, karma, the soul. Sagittarius must not view karma, soul, spirituality, from a purely intellectual viewpoint. Selfless service is further emphasized here. Sagittarius wants to so often get involved on its own terms rather than a free merging with the Universe. Universal concepts would be very easy for the Sagittarian to understand, because of the mental ability and agility of the sign, but again the problem of communicating arises.

What is interesting here is that the quality of Pisces could be of benefit to Sagittarius, the fantasizing, the day-dreaming. Sagittarius could actually bring these things into materialization or manifestation.

In a negative way, the sensitivity or emotional aspect could interfere with the intellectual approach of Sagittarius to life. The location could bring in an almost introvert quality since we are dealing with the subjective aspect of any sign on the cusp of the twelfth house; the subjective is a quality of the twelfth house. Also, Sagittarius could give structure to the subjectivity of the twelfth house and make it meaningful for others.

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