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Sagittarius Ox Personality

Living your life in public, as one of the people born under this combination of signs you always seek to have an audience. This makes the Ox Sagittarius a born coupler; In fact, you are the sort of person who is always in a relationship — sometimes neglecting to end the old one before the new one begins. But it all comes out all right in the end. After all, your Sagittarian consideration never meant for you to hurt anybody, least of all yourself.

For the most part, your life is well worth watching as you act out your public dramas. With such a fiery personality, you excel at risk-taking and even courting danger to the point of grievous bodily harm (a quality of Ox-inspired insensitivity to pain). In the process you may also manage to overwhelm your mates with a steady stream of sincere flattery that goes straight to their heads.

They should beware your emotional smoke screen, however — it could be a guilty conscience that motivates you to sing like a canary, especially with all those witnesses standing around and staring.

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