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The Sagittarius Parent

If one of your parents is a Sagittarius, they are fun to be with. They like to go places at a moment’s notice and love to travel. They’re very positive and funny, but sometimes they can be goofy and embarrass you! Your Sagittarius parent isn’t over- protective and gives you a lot of freedom. They want you to have your own experiences about life. Sometimes they can be forgetful. When that happens, don’t take it personally — just remind them about your schedule. They’ll be happy you did, drop what they’re doing and get you where you need to go!

The Sagittarius Child

People really like you since they feel good when they’re with you. You are positive, upbeat and very funny! Make sure you don’t tease or make jokes about others. It might seem funny at the time, but you can hurt someone’s feeling without meaning to! You probably like sports, especially outdoor sports like skiing, horseback riding and running. Hopefully, your family travels a lot — you love going to new places. Try learning a foreign language so you might even be able to live somewhere else in the world, if you ever wanted! Read more about Sagittarius Child

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