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The Sagittarius Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Sagittarius is the ninth phase of the seven year cycle and it’s archetype is The Centaur. The Centaur symbolizes the triumph of reason over instinct, the control of instinctual processes through a greater understanding.

The process of The Sagitarius Phase is moving from the depth of experience demanded during the Scorpio Phase to a greater understanding of the purpose of one’s life. It is a process of overcoming the ‘on the edge’ experience of the Scorpio Phase with an intuition of a greater purpose to which one can give oneself or on which one bases ones life.

SagittariusScorpio took you through a process of necessary self transcendence by bringing you down to a level of instinctual survival, or gut level doggedness through the sometimes exhausting demands of the phase. Sagitarius, still very much aware of the process through which you have been drawn, moves you through another process of looking for purposes as opposed to simply ‘making it through’.

If you were confronted with one or several very specific sets of environmental demands during the Scorpio Phase, these demands become less overwhelming as you move through Sagitarius and discover purpose for yourself, gain a greater or more summary understanding of what life HAS to be about for you now, especially since coming through Scorpio. The Sagitarius Phase may involve you with explorations for the discovery of truths, either about very specific things that you are looking to participate with, but more subtly so with your life in general.

The struggle in the Sagitarius Phase is with gaining a greater understanding of the ‘new rules of the game’ that you must now play under as a result of the previous lessons during this seven year cycle. The reorientation in Scorpio began to free you at some fundamental level from some very basic fears, or allowed you to face some of your worst fears head on, and oriented you toward a larger and more expansive purpose for your life.

This phase is about exploring the various ideals upon which to base action. In this phase you may become more clarified in the purposes in your life you wish to commit to and give energy to. You may find ‘new religion’ in this phase in the sense that you become clarified in your understanding of rules by which you must now play the game of life. You gain an understanding in this phase of the ‘meaning’ of your past life experience and your need to find a new basis on which to live your life.

As opposed to the Gemini phase (which is opposite to and the complement of the Sagitarius phase), it is not just your more immediate environment and the relations therein that you are exploring, but a more expanded and expansive realm of ideas and purposive action. The Sagitarius Phase is a broader exploration of the “principals” on which you wish to base your life. It is about a need for finding direction, for understanding the rules of the game, finding purpose, understanding self.

This phase is when you begin to get a sense of what the ‘game’ of life is truly about at this point in your development and in this seven year cycle. The ‘principals’ on which you base your life are in some sense the ‘rules’ you discover about what make life work and doesn’t work. During this phase you establish the principals that will govern your actions as you move into the next phase.

The exploration of these new ‘rules’ or principles impinged upon you as a result of the struggle of the previous phases, and grow out of the experiences with those struggles. If, for example, the experience of the struggle were with an illness, this phase forces an exploration of what the lesson of that illness is and of the rules for your life that must now be incarnated to accommodate the lesson.

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