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Sagittarius Pig (Boar) Personality

Don’t spend it if you haven’t got it. The tendency of the Pig Sagittarius to live beyond their means will land you in hot water if not carefully controlled. You don’t always have to be the good Sagittarian host — let others in your social circle foot the bill once in a while.

Cutting back on the unnecessary fripperies that you use to feather your sacrosanct Pig’s nest may be one path to a balanced budget.

Pig SagittariusYour uncanny luck has protected you thus far, but your good humor and flat stomach can’t last forever without a little cooperation from your reservoirs of pure will power.

Your sense of humor is a devastating weapon, and many are the times you’ve used it to make someone laugh himself or herself all the way to your swanky bedroom. Beware the impact of a sobering truth!

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