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Sagittarius Rabbit Personality

As a Rabbit Sagittarius, your supreme fluidity in social situations makes you a natural ambassador among the classes. Your Sagittarian manners always find their proper level given the tone of the company you keep, and you would be no more ostracized from a backwoods hootenanny than you would be from the toneyest boite in the biggest, baddest city.

Sagittarius RabbitCompulsive traveler that you are, you will take a lover in every port, and think nothing of it until your romantic pluralism raises a hue and cry among those who believe that you’ve treated them unfairly, at which time you should take great pains to see that they do not band together against you in their efforts to bring you down.

Should they do so despite your best efforts to keep them separated, do what you do best and run, Rabbit, run!

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