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Sagittarius Rat Personality

Zodiac for Sagittarius born in Rat year: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Always traveling and never getting to the destination — this sums up the adventuresome and picaresque Rat Sagittarius. With much of the candid nature of your occidental Sagittarius sign heritage, you are very much the cards-on-the-table sort of interpersonal negotiators. Too many hidden agendas can cause you to take a powder, and this is as true of your career as it is of your relationships.

Sagittarius Rat PersonalityYou adore luxury, but have a very low tolerance for pretentious snobs. Watch out for the itchy feet syndrome — too much domesticity and you may be tempted to make a break for it, and damn the results.

Wariness will accompany all of your permanent attachments, thanks to the Rat in you, and as a result you will probably marry late in life, if indeed you bother to make it to the altar at all.

Something which cannot be ignored about the Sagittarius/Rats is their constant chattering, they cant stop themselves. Dont get me wrong, these people are capable of being very quiet indeed but once a conversation has started or the mood simply takes them then you’re in for an ear bashing! It’s not the volume at which these creatures talk its the sheer speed of which the words come sprinting out of their mouths that make you stand back in amazement. I am a Gemini so to outdo me with quicker than lightning speech is very rare, but I admit defeat to the Sagittarius Rat.

If you are a parent of a chattering Sagittarius Rat a little bit of advice – teach them from a young age to form their sentences properly and to think about what they are saying for as intelligent as they are when they open their mouths they tend to start halfway through what they were thinking in their head! It’s almost like they were in the middle of a conversation with someone else and they turn to you to finish it and you of course have no idea what they are talking about, in fact you probably thought they were listening to you!

Physically these people never seem able to gain weight, the nervous energy from the Rat coupled with the activeness of the Sagittarius means that they are constantly burning calories, lucky them! Due to their naturally high metabolism it is easy for them to eat quite an unhealthy diet without having to worry about putting on any weight, they can get into bad habits of eating far too much fast food and kidding themselves that because they are thin they are healthy. This is wrong (which they know really) and its a must for them to eat a well balanced diet with plenty of Water as Rats tend to be quite susceptible to illness and if their bodies are nutritionally weak then it will take them longer to recover.

Sagittarius/Rats can be known to be a little clumsy as well, Im not sure why, perhaps the boisterous adventurer of the Sagittarius bowls over the more sedate Rat causing them to trip over their own feet from time to time. One thing is for sure though these people will always have something wrong with them, whether it’s a broken toe or the common cold this combination of signs just can’t seem to stay 100% healthy for very long!

Luckily due to the adventureouness of the Sagittarius these people enjoy getting out into the world and being as active as possible. They are very agile and are great at Gymnastics and athletics although are always drawn to the more extreme sports which they are not really built for but somehow manage to keep up with the best of them! Sag/rats are also very competitive and will always try and beat other people but are good sports and dont get overly agitated by losing, it certainly dosent deter them they simply try harder the next time!

Sagittarius Rats make wonderful friends, they are fun and loyal, two things which in my opinion make any friendship a good one. They are also highly protective of those they love and care about and don’t take kindly to anyone hurting them in anyway. I feel that one of their greatest skills is their ability to be very diplomatic, to stand back and look at a situation as a whole weighing it up and then calmly trying to help people to sort out whatever the problem is. The Sag/Rat is always called upon to help with friendship squabbles at school and later in life in the workplace. Of course dealing with their own personal issues isn’t as easy for them and if you know and love a Sagittarius Rat you must make sure you set aside time to ask them if there is anything wrong and if they need to have a chat, they will NEVER come to you.

They appear to be loners when it comes to this, they bottle problems up inside until they simply can’t take anymore and then explode in a tsunami of tears and sobbing, which is heartbreaking to watch as on the outside this person is usually as solid as a rock. Sag/Rats hate to feel as though they have let people down and will punish themselves mentally for this.

Overall these people are destined for a very exciting life. The Rat gives the Sagittarius a very quick mind making these people highly intelligent and mentally capable of anything. The Sagittarius gives the Rat a passion for adrenaline making this Rat far more outgoing and adventurous than they are in other sign combinations. If you hook up with one of these people romantically then you’re in for a whole lot of fun, the question is are you good enough?

The Sag/Rat sets their sights high and won’t go for someone simply for good looks along, they need someone who works hard and plays hard and can match their own sense of fun and adventure, but you had probably work on your listening skills anyone who gets involved with one of these people will need to be able to listen, or at least look as though they are!

As parents they don’t come much better, its more whether they find the time to have a family at all, but please don’t leave it until it’s too late as you really shine as a parent, you are in fact at your best as a Mum or Dad and will feel something is missing if you don’t settle down and have a family.

Compatibility – From a Chinese point of you other Rats and Oxs tick all your boxes as do other Sagittarians, Leos and Aries. Try a Gemini for a bit of fun or a Libra to settle down with. An Aquarius is nice but will slowly drive you mad! Cancer could be a good match too as long as he or she has a very patient streak!

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