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Sagittarius Rat Personality

Always traveling and never getting to the destination — this sums up the adventuresome and picaresque Rat Sagittarius. With much of the candid nature of your occidental Sagittarius sign heritage, you are very much the cards-on-the-table sort of interpersonal negotiators. Too many hidden agendas can cause you to take a powder, and this is as true of your career as it is of your relationships.

Sagittarius Rat PersonalityYou adore luxury, but have a very low tolerance for pretentious snobs. Watch out for the itchy feet syndrome — too much domesticity and you may be tempted to make a break for it, and damn the results.

Wariness will accompany all of your permanent attachments, thanks to the Rat in you, and as a result you will probably marry late in life, if indeed you bother to make it to the altar at all.

Last updated on November 1, 2014 at 6:32 pm