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Sagittarius September 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our September 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign!

Sagittarius September Horoscope 2016- Overview

Looking for support from friends may lead to you supporting them more than they support you. Do you know when sometimes you do someone a favor, and they actually think it was them that did you a favour? Well, that is just what can happen in September 2016, and it can get very frustrating. It is better left as it is, explaining it and trying to iron out the misunderstanding could make things unpleasant. Do not be tempted to speak to other mutual friends about it, as gossip among friends is a problem in September 2016 that can lead to misconceptions and bad feelings. Remember hearsay is not allowed in court as it is unreliable, and you should not base any of your opinions on hearsay either as it is invariably inaccurate, exaggerated or comes with a big ulterior motive.

Look within for support before you look to your friends and peers for emotional or practical support – their advice may well be useless and even self-serving, and with a little quiet time alone you will figure out how to handle it perfectly yourself. The answers lie within, not without in September. You have the feeling as if the brakes are off and you are coasting in September 2016 in terms of career, lifestyle, and in general. It is as if you are a runner and suddenly you have had a second wind in terms of the goals you have set yourself, you will feel re-inspired and invigorated.

There is a feel-good factor in September 2016, which may encourage some excess spending or eating, and so do watch out for that. Keep your sugar and carb intake controlled – enjoy your food, but eat well at the same time.

September 2016 Sagittarius September Love Horoscope

Dear Sagittarius, you can be very willful and dramatic in love in September 2016; you may make too much of an issue in order to make a point or to show that you have taken a stand. However, you must ask yourself – are you guilty of double standards? Do you expect your partner to abide by your guidelines or else, when you are not that keen on any restrictions or limitations on your own behavior and freedom? It is possible that in close relationships and marriages you have slipped into a mindset where you can only see what affects you and you react to that strongly, but you have lost the ability to see things through your partner’s eyes. Are you too wrapped up in your own perspectives, do you need to seek more balance in relationships?

You may be getting what you want in relationships, but are you getting what you need? Are you perhaps reacting out of fear because the trust element is not as strong as it should be? Have you unconsciously set a script that you expect your partner to follow? Take a step back and look at yourself, try hard to think about what your partner is saying and how he/she may be feeling. This can be a very good time for relationships if you are objective and take positive steps forward instead of just scoring points. It’s about listening and assessing the cause and effect factor in your love life. Single Sagittarians need to be more discriminating about their friends and social groups as perhaps they are the reason why you are not attracting the sort of potential partner who can fulfil your needs and grow close to you. You are judged by the company you keep.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope September 2016

Dear Sagittarius, September 2016 is a wonderful month for progress and concrete results, you are able to harness a self-discipline that has eluded you most of the year, and you are also able to knuckle down and do long hours of detailed work. This is a key time for organization and keeping to routines. You really can achieve much in September 2016 as there is more structure to your life and more predictability.

September is also a very opportune time to begin a new diet or exercise routine, especially as being fitter could support you at work and help you to be more alert, less tired and more effective. Self-motivation, focus and an ability to problem solve and put ideas into a workable format will aid Sagittarians in all careers.

Accountants, secretaries, PAs, small business owners, IT repair specialists and systems analysts will have a very successful month.

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