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Sagittarius Sheep Personality

Be prepared to intuit your way straight from rags to riches, if you happen to have the good luck to belong to the carefree Goat (Sheep) Sagittarius DoubleSign.

Your trademark Sagittarian approach to both business and pleasure lies in a sort of dimly sensed yet eerily accurate instinct that tells you every move to make before you make it. Coupled with your moneymaking powers, you might consider a career as a stockbroker, accountant, lawyer or other big-business type of person.

With you bringing home the bacon, it’s only natural to expect a more stable mate, equipped with a vast amount of patience with your antics, to look after your more mundane needs and generally pick up after you around the house. You’ll more than make it worth their while — your generous Goat nature is so ingrained that you have even distributed largesse to honored enemies on occasion.

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