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Sagittarius Snake Personality

The Snake side of your DoubleSign looks before the Sagittarius side leaps — a very prudent combination. The Snake Sagittarius has a perceptiveness that is uncanny, and you are very much a “people person” in that you can read everyone around you like a see-through comic book. Because of this enjoyable skill, you may wish to consider a career in psychotherapy.

Snake SagittariusSince your romantic escapades thrive on surprise, however, you’ll need to find a partner whom you can’t make out with any clarity, as paradoxical as that may sound. Find one like that and you’re set for life.

Try not to rest on you’re laurels too often — while you’re resting, everyone else is out there forging ahead, and you may find yourself further behind than you thought when you again bring your attention to bear upon the race you’ve chosen to run.

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