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Sagittarius Spiritual Meaning

Sagittarius Spiritual Meaning

Your Sagittarius Spirit is lively, intellectual, animated and enthusiastic. Your energy is vibrant, far reaching and exuberant.

Sagittarius, being true to yourself means nourishing your need to explore and discover the vast wonders of the world through your mind and soul, to seeking your spiritual truths and walking in them.

Your purpose is to teach us what the future holds, to open our minds to new possibilities, to leading us towards our faiths and beliefs, to sharing your experiences with those around you.

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…discover the intriguing world of the mind and the universe. Explore a new religion, a new faith and add your own thoughts to it. Put your ideas and ideals into a structured form and share it. Believe in the power of your words and wield them gently.

Paint a landscape of a distant horizon and walk into it with your imagination. Read everything you can. Stay active and physical to keep your spirit dynamic and optimistic. Use your humor as a tool to heal others.

Teach others how to enjoy playing the game of life by setting an example for them. Win with joy and lose with Joy. Use your competitive spirit to lift and strengthen others.

Turning Adversity into Strength.

As is true of all the fire signs who embrace life and all of it’s energies with strength and passion adversity and life crisis tend to bring out the spiritual warrior in you and push you to new heights. And as with all the fire signs it is those moments when life tends to run smoothly that you are likely to find yourself feeling restless and somewhat useless.

Learn to moderate how you reach for your goals by neither waiting for nor creating drama and adversity. Always keep your mind challenged by discovering new fields to explore and embrace.

When you have reached a new plateau after an adventure don’t waste what has been learned by moving onward immediately but stand still long enough to share your discoveries and your methods with those in your life.

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