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Sagittarius Tiger Personality

Before you get discouraged, keep in mind that against boredom even the gods content in vain. When the Tiger Sagittarius is alone at home you wish you were at the party, and when you make it to the party and find yourself surrounded by the same old, same old good times you wish you were at home alone again, where it is possible for you to brood comfortably.

Sagittarius TigerHome is something of a malleable concept for you — your Sagittarian abode is the wide world itself, and you are always opening doors to new rooms within it.

Some dare call it a Tiger’s inconstancy — you prefer the term “intrepid.” You “boldly go where no one has gone before,” and only in retrospect bother to wonder why no one has made a television show about your life and loves. Don’t ask your loves, though — they’ll tell you why not, and in unsparing detail.

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