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The Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius is a Fire sign and the woman of this sign has passion that characterises this type of energy, passion that must be expressed physically, psychologically and emotionally, almost an “internal and external thunderbolt”.

The Sagittarius woman is touched by a kind of divine inspiration inside and who tries to realise outside what inside seems not to give her peace and never finds sufficient space. Enthusiastic, full of self-confidence, without any subjection towards their partner who, on the contrary, she considers is attracted to her, also physically, and whom she wants as a companion with whom to share adventures. She individualises him, wants him and wins him over and has no problems in showing her intentions.

The Sagittarius woman is then skilfully active and dynamic, decisive, volatile and sporting, especially in the first part of her life when she tends to show her adventurous side and the courage of acting and pushing beyond what she knows and what for others is habitual; she is Spartan and she also loves extreme challenges: she is able to venture into deserted territory, perhaps on horseback or a powerful motorbike: also in this she loves to exceed the limits that she does not acknowledge and which she senses and perceives as something that is terribly restrictive.

The Sagittarius woman is also very much interested in everything that is different, foreign, unexplored: generally since childhood she has toured the world, beforehand with the scouts with a rucksack and tent on her back; later perhaps taking unusual holidays or studying abroad. In any case she needs to go beyond her borders and, life leads her to search for herself in the outside world, far from everything that she knows, attracted to what is different and that cannot be contacted in her surroundings. She therefore loves knowing languages and foreign philosophies for which she has a true predisposition: also this is the way in which she tries to put herself in contact with her “savage” part, spurring her to go in search of her vocation.

Also at a romantic level the Sagittarius woman appears detailed; not very traditionalist, always in search of stimuli and of partners like her, ready to be play the game; she will never be interested in her classmates or neighbours; her loves reveal her basic tendencies: they are always “foreign”, different, often really foreign in the sense that they live abroad or have a different mentality and they will be particular in that they will have excited her curiosity.

In love we cannot forget the tendency to dream and not want to live reality and daily routine: in fact, a foreigner is also someone who is not experienced every day, and therefore, it is possible to dream about him, to imagine him and it is possible to keep him in a dimension that is an ideal that lets the mind take anything for granted.

The Sagittarius woman wants to know things, and whatever interests her must lead her to discover something about herself, a horizon must open up and it must let her do something that is not customary. Everything that is nearby and is part of daily life and routine bores her and makes her feel caged.

Her internal movements always begin with a kind of restlessness that increases and that justifies trying out things which are not certainties, almost to avoid the things that she finds suffocating and to put her on a path which searches for something that gives her an identity and value, and that lets her go beyond the usual routine.

The Sagittarius woman wants to find her exact place in the world and looks for it in a determined way, with passion and enthusiasm; she has also a real need for freedom; this sign does not want anything that is solid, stable and without the possibility of change. Her life will be then a continuous search interrupted by little phases that can temporarily make her desist to create something important: between these there can be the digression of motherhood, or the creation of a movement in which she believes and that keeps her conscience open; she must be a part of something that begins, of something that she makes her say ” I was there as well, and I helped to create that way of thinking, or that thing grow”.

This sign can put our heroine in a situation of contradicting certain values and behaviour which is more female, such as stability in the relationship, although this is certainly secondary compared to the sense of fecundity and the expression of what she feels inside.

In fact, on the one hand the sign hosts Jupiter, Proserpina and Neptune, three very female symbols but less suitable for the simple expression of reproduction: in this sign there is a drive to take care of things from a cultural and spiritual point of view, more than a material one. She needs to feel that she “belongs”, but not to a family or a group: she needs to belong to a culture, a faith, and in the name of these things she will be able to reproduce herself … in the attempt to make something happen that is close to her ideal.

The natural “fecundity” of Jupiter and of Proserpina will still spur natives to underatake this work; thus, our “loyal woman” will fall in love deeply, especially in the first part of her life, and in this muddle, she will also perceive the wish of having a relationship that for her means “renewal” and that gives her a son, testimony to her internal renewal. In fact, this need also responds to a strong psychological characteristics of the sign: that of leaving others something of themselves… typical of Fire and of communicating it through her conscience, which she will pass over to her son.

From other points of view this sign is instead strongly changeable, and she will thus show a very restless side, which will have difficulty in being stopped and stabilising. Thus, from time to time, and even when she will find a fixed relationship and with motherhood, she will always have an intolerance that will lead her to look for behavoiur that appeases her internal anxiety, that otherwise becomes destabilising. Her loves will have to stimulate her creative and imaginative side, otherwise she will tend to run away from this comitment to find new territories and new shores.

Un doubtedly this woman must have and develop her ambitions and must be constantly moved by inspiration and aspiration: she must be true and be a protagonist: she will never be satisfied by what others have established for her; our heroine lives with the necessity of life being earning her place in life, day after day; if she cannot do this she feels imprisoned and she will try to run away in order to open-uo new passages.

The Sagittarius woman needs reasons, but they cannot be the classic ones for females: she is an explorer and what makes feel good where is on her mission, which is still on-going and in respect of which she will give energies, faith and hope that things will change.

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