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The Saturn Cycle

The Cycle Of Saturn

Saturn is the planet of responsibility and discipline and when you are under its influence it often means you have to work hard at what ever situation you are in. A full cycle of Saturn orbiting around the Sun takes 29.4 earth years. In these 29.4 years there is four smaller cycles of 7 years where we go through learning periods until we reach the age of maturity around the age of 30 years.

In mythology Saturn got its name from the Roman god of farming, crop growing and harvesting the crop. According to the legend it may have got its name from the golden colour of the planet and the myth has it that god Saturn stole the place as king of the gods from his father which was Uranus.

The “Pay the Fiddler” cycle is imposed by the mean, lean, karma machine, Saturn.

What goes around comes around every 28 years. Think of those Saturnine rings as barbed wire fencing you in the cosmic classroom until you get it right. Work hard enough and Saturn will grudgingly grant you success, but not without a fair share of editorializing that you shoulda done it this way, or you shoulda done it that way.

The Saturn Returns at ages 28/30 and 56 are the coming of age cycles that are truly the payoff or pay up in terms of your Universal Debt.

But wait, it’s not just at age 28/30 or 56 you get to deal with Saturn. He comes marching through your life about every 7 years bringing everybody’s favorite pastime: the reality check.

The first 7 year cycle of Saturn

When we are born we are totally dependent on our parents and the first seven years of our lives is a time when we are being looked after by our parents and enjoying the feeling of security. We are taught discipline and good manners from our parents and they will explain why that is important along with other surviving skills. As the child gets a bit older and starts to explore their surrounding he will begin to get a feeling of independence away from the parents.

Then come the kindergarten and school where the child learn to read and write and slowly they learn to mix with other children through play, sharing and interaction at school. Then at seven year old comes the square of Saturn to the child’s natal Saturn in their horoscope which could cause an unsettling time in the child’s life. It could be something like moving to another town and finding new friends or the loss of someone dear to them.

The second cycle of Saturn – the opposition to the natal Saturn

At fourteen the child will experience the opposition of Saturn to their natal Saturn and that is the time when the child has become a teenager and their body is beginning to develop into the maturity of an adult. Their will be many lessons to learn in the process of the development of the teen agers hormones which can sometimes be hard to handle. Their emotions are often out of balance while learning about the limitations and restrictions of Saturn. The child is not a child anymore but a teenager and not quite an adult yet so they feel controlled by the rules of their parents and society.

The Teenager is also challenge by the many options of what kind of career to choose. This in itself can be very hard to cope with when you don’t even know yourself very well yet. They are expected to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives and the people in authority around them are pressuring them to make up their mind what subject to choose to study to help them achieve their chosen career.

The thing is that many teenagers don’t really know what they want to do and many people rarely start out following their talents or live up to their full potentials, until later in life. Writing a list of things you like to do can help and then start to work with things related to that could eventually lead to your true calling.

Then comes the next 7 year cycle of Saturn Square to the Natal Saturn

When the next 7 year cycle of Saturn comes we have reach the age of 21 year and in many countries we get the key to adult hood (so to speak). We may now have been through a few relationships or maybe we have already found a steady partner but are still learning about the opposite sex. Most people have finished school or even an apprenticeship if they left school early but some are attending college or some form of study to further their education.

We are no longer children and are now expected to pay our own way according to our income. These days many choose to still live at home with their parents and enjoy the comfort and security of the home and also to cut down on their expenses. There are many things we like to do but we are now learning about the cost of living and the limitation it puts on our choices. We are beginning to understand that if we want the good life we have to put in an effort and work for it.

Saturn has now returned to form a conjunction to the natal Saturn

The return of cycle of Saturn to its original natal positions happens when we are between 28 and 30 year old and will mark a time of maturity, but that doesn’t always happen. Some may feel the pressure of Saturn and haven’t been able to conform to the structure of this planet so their lives may be in turmoil. They may wonder if they are on the right career path or in the right relationship. If we have chosen a career path just to please our parents then now will be a time where we want to make the changes to do what we really like and no longer want to feel we have to live our lives the way our parents think we should.

It is now a repeat of the first Saturn square and a whole new cycle of Saturn where we are presented with the lessons we didn’t learn the first time around but now it will be on a much higher level and the sooner we except our situation and willingness to learn the easier it will be for us. Whether we like it or not the about cycles of Saturn is lessons we all have to learn here in life, and the lessons will be presented to us in different forms until we have truly learned.

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