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Saturn In Aries

Aries Keyphrase: “I need to be independent, bold and develop self-awareness.”

The Test With Saturn in Aries you are learning how to
  • · Be self-assertive and put your will into action in a controlled manner.
  • · Subdue the internal critic (adopted from a parent?) which inhibits your free expression.
  • · Be your own authority.
  • · Act with confidence and courage.
Positive in Qualities Negative in Qualities
Self-reliant, Independent, Courageous Egocentric, Headstrong, Aggressive
Pioneering, Innovative, Inspiring Rash, Careless, Reckless, Competitive
Daring, Self-Assertive, Entrepreneurial Impatient, Defensive, Reactionary
Self-Disciplined, Resourceful, Strategic Irresponsible, Uncooperative, Defiant
Determined, Persistent, Strong Cowardly, Weak, Unconfident, Fearful
Active, Self-Assured, Direct, Bold Argumentative, Overbearing, Coarse


Slightly Projected Expression
  • · You have a hard time asserting your own will and desires naturally; lack self-confidence
  • · You dislike assertive, insensitive people
  • · You fear being overpowered by the will of others
  • · You have fears of spontaneously expressing yourself
  • · You are unable to take positive, decisive action
  • · You are sensitive to feeling pressured or bullied
  • · You resent being in subordinate positions or micromanaged.
Significantly Projected Expression
  • · You attract domineering, forceful people who know what they want and go after it
  • · You could attract strife, violence, or anger into your life if projection is not balanced out
  • · You are secretly fearful of failing or being ridiculed
  • · You chronically avoid confrontations
  • · You appear meek and unselfish but are actually repressed and lacking in self-esteem.
Overcompensated Expression
  • · You fear you are not in absolute control and that someone will take advantage of you
  • · You overreact by being forceful, short-tempered and/or attacking others
  • · You have a tendency to compete with others due to your own insecurities and fears
  • · You become angry, defiant and impatient easily; life becomes a battleground
  • · You need to be in charge at all costs
  • · You are overly intense and headstrong; alienate others
  • · You often feel isolated and lonely
Balanced Expression
  • · You are able to stand up for what is important to you
  • · You work hard to accomplish your goals and are able to stay focused on tasks at hand
  • · You are self-reliant yet able to cooperate with others without being impatient or headstrong
  • · Your innate spontaneity is tempered and balanced by self-control and forethought
  • · Your impulsive energy is restrained and channeled in productive ways
  • · You feel in charge of your own life and act out of choice rather than reaction
  • · You have learned that patience and gradual development build self-confidence
Some Famous/Infamous People with Saturn in Aries
  • George Washington – First President of the United States
  • Ulysses S. Grant – Eighteenth President of the United States
  • Mary Baker Eddy – Founder of the First Church of Christ Scientists
  • Joseph Stalin – Dictator and ruler of the Soviet Union
  • Bette Davis – American actress
  • Lee Harvey Oswald – Assassin of J.F.K.
  • Helen Keller – American blind and deaf educator, author and lecturer
  • Julia Roberts – American actress
  • Wayne Dyer – American author and speaker in the field of self-development

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