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Saturn In Cancer: In Search Of The Inner Adult

Saturn In Cancer

Cancer Sign

Cancer symbolizes the womb of Mother Earth and is the power of the female principle. Cancer is the archetype of the good mother emotional: sensitive, loving, compassionate, home-loving, nurturing and protective. Cancer is lakes and pearls, home and country, cooking and family, and the color blue. Cancer can also be frightened, over-protective and smothering, overly emotional, and phobic of change.


Saturn rules Capricorn, which is the polar opposite of Cancer. As our karmic teacher, it provides us the discipline and focus to become personally responsible and successful in whatever sign it is transiting. It teaches us to become structured, organized, patient, reality oriented, and mature. Above all it asks us to become seekers after Wisdom.

I have found two wonderful definitions of wisdom to share with you.

Joseph Meeker in his Article “Wisdom and Wilderness” says:

“Wisdom shows itself as a perception of the relativity and relationships among things. It is an awareness of WHOLENESS that does not lose sight of particularity or concreteness, or the intricacies of interrelationships. It is where the left and right brain come together in a union of logic and poetry and sensation, and where self awareness is no longer at odds with awareness of the otherness of the world.”

Jerry Ortiz y Pino in the Santa Fe Reporter said:

“Wisdom is the ability to make sound choices, good decisions. The best decision. Wisdom is intelligence shaped by experience. It is information softened by understanding.”

Saturn in Cancer Meaning

Saturn in Cancer is the integration of Cancer and Capricorn, which can be represented by the left and right brain. It is the union of emotion and intellect that Jung defines as rationality. Cancer is the softness and emotion that enables the practical intellect of Capricorn to become wise.

Wisdom implies adulthood and responsibility; integrity and character. Learning how to be rational human beings implies that we access understanding and express our emotions in a way that creates movement and resolution.

Saturn in Cancer also represents learning how to nurture ourselves and others in a more mature way. To me, being a “cosmic adult” implies that we take on the responsibility of parenting our inner children as our own good Mothers and Fathers.

Becoming connected to our inner adult is the quest for the people with Saturn in Cancer. The following questions will help you stay focused on Saturn in Cancer issues.

  • What kind of good Mother and good Father does my inner (and external) child need me to be?
  • How do I help my inner (and external) child learn about emotions that can lead to rationality?
  • How do I become a more responsible, disciplined adult in my emotional life?
  • How am I still the abandoned child?
  • How am I still emotionally childish?
  • Where am I still operating as a victim?
  • Do I still blame my parents for my unhappiness and if so, what can I do about it?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Saturn in Cancer would ask to take the responsibility to observe and record your reactions to Moon Cycles. The Moon changes signs every 2 and 1/2 days; so our emotions are liable to change with the changing Moon. Learning about this cycle can help you learn more how to anticipate and control your emotions.

Have a wonderfully emotional journey to finding your Inner Adult and the Wisdom that comes with that connection!

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