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Saturn In Taurus

Saturn in Taurus

Taurus Keyphrase: “I need to be resourceful, productive and stable.”

The Test With Saturn in Taurus you are learning how to

  • · Have faith that your innate skills and talents are more than adequate to provide all the security you need.
  • · Establish a solid base (domestic and professional) which will provide you with a sense of protection against life’s unpredictability.
  • · Subdue your need for guarantees of absolute security that inhibit your free expression.
  • · Place the appropriate amount of time and attention on your body and the sensual/material side of life (not too much or too little).
  • · Enjoy abundance and prosperity without worrying about “what if…..?” happening.
Positive in Qualities Negative in Qualities
Earthy, Abundance Mentality, Industrious Materialistic, Avaricious, Acquisitive
Practical, Economical, Productive Overcautious, Too Security Oriented
Financially Aware, Prudent, Conserving Miserly, Penny-Pinching, Territorial
Steadfast, Stable, Reliable, Dependable Stubborn Self-Sufficiency, Possessive
Persistent, Enduring, Persevering, Patient Clinging to Outworn Structures/Values
Artistic, Aesthetic, Lover of Beauty/Nature Self-Indulgent, Uncontrolled Appetites
Sensual, Domestic, Placid Passive, Lethargic, Lazy
What is your expression of these qualities – slightly projected, significantly projected, overcompensated or balanced?

Slightly Projected Expression

  • · You have some self-doubt about your ability to create abundance in your life
  • · You dislike wealthy people who flaunt their wealth through their possesssions
  • · You complain those who are, to you, materialistic
  • · You have some self-worth issues which inhibit the natural flow of abundance to you

Significantly Projected Expression

  • · You attract selfish, materialistic, miserly and/or stubborn people into your life
  • · You have a great fear of being unable to provide for your own financial security
  • · You constantly worry about not having enough but do nothing about it

Overcompensated Expression

  • · Security and material well-being is inordinately important to you.
  • · Regardless of your actual possessions, their never seems like enough to really feel secure
  • · You have an underlying fear of poverty and lack, or that everything could be taken away at anytime
  • · You are very territorial, miserly and acquisitive
  • · You yearn for lasting security
  • · You have a deep fear of taking risks, especially financially; a hoarding mentality
  • · Your need for stability and security is stifling; a self-imposed prison of protection

Balanced Expression

  • · You have developed security as a state of mind because you know that change and unpredictability are unavoidable
  • · Your life is filled with just enough possessions to bring you pleasure and reflect your value system but not so many to clutter your life
  • · You have learned that a life of integrity aligned with your values is worth more than money
  • · You have learned to “store up treasures in heaven” as well as on Earth as you realize there is nothing in this world that cannot be taken away, lost or destroyed
  • · You have an uncanny sensibility which makes you a master at manifestation
  • · You have developed your innate skills and talents and feel a deep sense of self-worth
  • · You enjoy abundance and prosperity without worrying about “what if…..”
Some Famous People with Saturn in Taurus
  • Pablo Picaso – Spanish artist renowned as one of the inventor of the Cubist movement.
  • Ronald Reagan – 40th President of the United States
  • Barbra Streisand – American singer and actress
  • Louis Pasteur – French scientist, biochemist and bacteriologist. Originator of pasteurization.
  • John Lennon – British musician, superstar with “The Beatles” and icon with the hippie generation.
  • Lucille Ball – American actress and comedienne
  • Martha Stewart – American entrepreneur
  • Muhammad Ali – Three time heavyweight boxing champion.

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