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Saturn In Leo

Saturn in Leo

This position of Saturn is antagonistic to the sign. Saturn wants to play down any display, while Leo represents where your pride must express itself. Thus you have pride in conservation and responsibility, which can be extremely self-righteous about poorly taken stands.

This position increases your stubborn resistance to self expression and the exercise of free will. Your will is controlled by protocol and natural law and order, not always well conceived.

You have a difficult time dealing with individual freedom including your own. You accept an outside authority to reinforce the stand you take. You have great difficulty allowing anyone, including yourself, to do your own thing.

Established rules have a strangle hold on your life line which resides in your heart and backbone. This makes you overly rigid on backbones and what others often regard as heartless.

This position also contributes to arthritis of the spine as well as restricted action. You very much need to loosen up your position to allow for creativity and growing room. Once you have met the demands of Saturn here in a creative and constructive way you may reap some of the benefits which include an administrative ability or a sense of personal responsibility capable of leaving other people’s problems for them to solve.

This position will also help you to organize and maintain a well run and organized approach to your own life support system which may be nearly perfect, for Saturn will make you uncomfortable with anything less than perfection. This includes making you pay for anything that is too rigid as well as lacking responsibility. You must find a fine balance line.

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