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Saturn – Managing, Structuring and Building

The classic mythology of the planet Saturn (Cronos to the Greeks) is that of a father who devoured his children. On first viewing this image is horrific, but upon examining the story closer, you can get a better sense of how Saturn works in company and career charts.

Saturn is one of the children of Gaia, the Earth Mother, and Uranus, the sky God. Uranus is always mating with Gaia and conceiving children he does not remain around to help raise. When he separates from Gaia and leaves, she is left to raise the children by herself. After a while Uranus returns to mate with Gaia and conceive yet more children. Gaia becomes frustrated with this erratic commitment of Uranus and so she sends their son, Saturn (Cronos) to kill him. Thus is birthed the metaphor of bringing law and order (Saturn) out of chaos (Uranus).

In business, you need some sort of order and structure. In the myth, Saturn builds the forms and puts together the justice system. He is the original general contractor. Appropriately, Saturn represents building, construction, stone, masonry, ice, hard work, and, the concept of time. There is an old business saying, “Time is money“, and this statement is a perfect embodiment of the planet Saturn.

When Saturn is placed on an angle or prominently in your chart, you may take a longer time to reach success as the classic “late bloomer”. It is a battle hard won. You have had a great deal to overcome and will often stop at nothing even in the wake of barriers and blocks if your Saturn is supported by elements of the chart.

Chronos, God of Time

Chronos, God of Time

Like the mountain goat that faithfully walks to the top of the mountain alone, in the snow and wind, with little sustenance, the Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn, reaches success in life if they maintain faith and hope in their lives. This relates to the solstice point of Capricorn, Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter.

Saturn was also the ruler of Aquarius before the discovery of planets beyond it. My experience has demonstrated that using Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius works, particularly in specific predictions as it is often used in Horary astrology.

Since Saturn is associated with the mountain goat, it warrants an examination of its original image, which is that of the Sea Goat. The Sea Goat is a mythological creature that has the body of a goat and the tail of a fish. It begins its life at the bottom of the sea, the symbol of the unconscious, and it swims its way to the surface where it uses its goat’s body to climb to the top of the mountain. This image evokes the blossoming forth of consciousness later in your life. Out of an unconscious state is birthed conscious possibility that happens while you develop concrete forms, structures and disciplines.

Since Saturn rules building as well as management, which includes time management, if your Saturn is highly aspected you may work in these professions as well as work with the elderly or any products or services that involve senior citizens. As baby boomers turn 50 years of age on the average of every 7 seconds, businesses or services aimed at seniors can only improve as this large market ages. Witness the recent growth of assisted living facilities throughout the U.S. Since the planet Saturn is associated with either high-end products or services as well as quality versus quantity, Saturn supports anything that works with quality control or imparts a high-end service.

Saturn also rules real estate. Whereas the Moon rules property, Saturn rules real estate. Because of this, when Saturn is being aspected by progressions, transits, and eclipses, this can activate real estate interests.

In a corporate chart, Saturn expresses itself as the rules of the company as well as its fears or where it may limit itself. If you remember the image of Mr. Scrooge, in the Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol, you remember a negative manifestation of “management” in a company that is associated with a negatively expressed Saturn. Yet that same Saturn in a company chart can also express itself as fortitude; a company that survives when all others do not; a company that works on very little to get ahead and maintains high profit margins and low debt ratios.

The original Johnson and Johnson Company, which is delineated in the chapter on Corporations, is one of the oldest incorporations, having been incorporated in 1887. It has survived many disasters through time (Saturn) and still continues to be profitable in the marketplace. Its natal Saturn is conjunct its natal North Node, denoting the staying power that is indicative of strong Saturn placements in individual or corporate charts.

Brain Teaser

Looking at a company chart or a first trade chart, where is Saturn? If you know anything about the management in this company, then how would you judge their effectiveness? Looking at Saturn in a client’s chart that is struggling with a career or life decision, where are they frozen in fear or in what area do they work very hard re-constructing themselves over time? (Refer to chapter on “Thriving, Not Just Surviving”.)

The previous is excerpted from Georgia’s new book…Business Astrology 101. Weaving the Web between Business and Myth

About the author:

Georgia Stathis, professional astrologer from Pleasant Hill, CA, works with individuals in helping them draw out these aspects of the self so that a more fertile field of possibility in relationship emerges. She is author of Starcycles calendars and appointment books. She has an M.B.A. degree, and her latest book is Business Astrology 101. She lectures widely on such topics as mythology, relationships, and the correlations of planetary cycles with history and future possibilities.

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