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How to Say "No" to Your Child by Sun Sign

How to Say “No” to Your Child by Sun Sign

Bringing up children requires tough love as well as that of the cuddly variety. If you never say “no” to your kids, they’ll end up ill suited to deal with the real world. So setting limits is a tough but vital necessity. Because all Sun signs respond differently to the word “no”, you must find a way around their unique temperamental quirks.

Saying “No” to Your Aries Child ♈

The Aries child will argue noisily when told their adventurous whim is a step too far. They’ll see “no” as a challenge to be pushed aside. Try to turn it into a game rather than forcing your authority over them.

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Saying “No” to Your Taurus Child ♉

The Taurus child is the master of passive resistance. They won’t argue but they won’t budge either. You’ll need to bribe them since indulgences are their weak spot.

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Saying “No” to Your Gemini Child ♊

The Gemini child will argue the merits of your case, upside-down and around in circles, leaving you confused while they keep doing what they were doing. But they do understand a brick wall when they meet it. Be firm and persistent.

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Saying “No” to Your Cancer Child ♋

The Cancer child will flood you with tears and leave you feeling guilty that you’ve made them unhappy. Don’t be manipulated by their emotional games. They are sensitive — but tricky as well, so call their bluff.

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Saying “No” to Your Leo Child ♌

The Leo child will crumple if you criticize or say no, which will make you wilt. Boost their confidence and, at the same time, let them know where the line of reason is.

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Saying “No” to Your Virgo Child ♍

The Virgo child will either be a goody-two-shoes who never needs to be scolded, or an absolutely cry baby. Either way, they are adaptable so they may sulk initially but will get the message fairly quickly.

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Saying “No” to Your Libra Child ♎

The Libra child will be sweetly reasonable, though they have a steely core and at times a sharp tongue. You’ll need to argue your way around the merits of your case — at which point they’ll give in.

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Saying “No” to Your Scorpio Child ♏

The Scorpio child may smile blandly, but you just know they’re going to dig in their heels and get their own back. You need to be made of stalwart stuff to get your point across to this little scorpion.

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Saying “No” to Your Sagittarius Child ♐

The Sagittarius child will argue, stomp up and down and be prickly. Basically, they hate limits of any sort. But their aggravation never lasts long and they’ll fit in once they’ve forgotten what all the fuss was about.

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Saying “No” to Your Capricorn Child ♑

The Capricorn child understands limits only too well and listens to the voice of authority. At times you might even wish they were more rebellious. But when they do transgress, they’ll listen to reason better and faster than most.

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Saying “No” to Your Aquarius Child ♒

The Aquarius child is stubborn and independent, and so will tend to defend their corner. But they also respond to an intelligent argument and really appreciate jokes. Use your sense of humour with your little water-bearer.

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Saying “No” to Your Pisces Child ♓

The Pisces child will not confront you directly, but they can be irksomely evasive when it comes to agreeing to rules and regulations. Take the roundabout route rather than putting your foot down. Appeal to their kind nature and they’ll behave just to please you.

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