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Scorpio April 2015 Horoscope

This month Mars is visiting your solar seventh house of partners, making your relationships more ardent and passionate but sometimes, this placement shows problems in dealings with partners. You could find yourself in a position to negotiate a partnership arrangement, or a personal relationship could move to the next level.

The transit of Sun and Uranus through the sixth house denotes a drive concerning work. During the first three weeks, you will seek to distinguish yourself by your efforts and contributions in the workplace. Teamwork should prove to be quite productive during this period; do not be shy to bring forth your ideas and opinions. By the 20th of the month, you are beginning to see the results of these cooperative projects. The sixth house deals with health issues as well. You could find yourself interested in modifying your approach a bit to reflect a healthier lifestyle.

The Sun will emphasize work and health issues until the 20th when it joins planets in your seventh house, to even more highlight close and intimate partnerships.

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