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Scorpio Archetype

Core Insights for Scorpio

Mode: Inward (Harnessing, Utilizing, Sustaining, Empowering, Penetrating)

Element: Water (Imagination, Impressions, Emotion, Soul, Sensitivity)

Archetypal Images: Transformer, Investigator, Researcher, Shaman, Therapist, Sorcerer

Planetary Governor: Mars and Pluto

House Association: 8th House of Eternal Mystery & Change

Body Wisdom: Reproductive Organs, Elimination Organs, Chakra System.

Spiritual Principle: Surrender “Aligning with Divine Will”

Harmonious: Passionate, Intense, Probing, Mysterious, Magnetic, Deep, Fierce, Loyal, Private, Fascinating, Esoteric, Sexy, Resourceful, Magical, Psychic, Powerful, Perceptive

Shadow: Possessive, Obsessive, Controlling, Emotionally Complicated, Vengeful, Dark Jealous, Extremist, Suspicious, Seductive, Moody, Brooding, Compulsive, Powerful.

Scorpio is the archetype of transformation through deep, intense experience of emotional surrender. Planets in Scorpio are charged to investigate the mysteries of life and to plunge into the abysses of sexuality, regeneration, and eternity. Scorpio is watery feeling flowing inward, powerful like the invisible forces of gravitation that hold the universe together in an ecstatic cosmic dance.

This is the boiling water sign! Concealed within the depths of Scorpio are hidden the secrets behind sex, death, and rebirth as vehicles of change and release. Through transformational, alchemical processes loyal Scorpio understands the dynamics of the soul and its seasons. This archetype is about the investigation of eternal mystery of life through probing the taboo depths to reach a realization of the spiritual power of water as the element of soul and imagination.

Scorpio, Mars and Pluto symbolize the intense process of death and rebirth. When the Sun is moving through Scorpio each year, nature is dying and being reborn.

Regenerative Scorpio inspires you let go of the past to embrace the possibilities of the future. When old doors are closed, new ones swing open. The Zen Master Suzuki said, “We don’t need to learn how to let things go; we just need to recognize when they’re already gone.” Letting go and letting things flow. That’s the cyclic nature of Scorpio, the sign of the phoenix rising out of the ashes, the snake shedding its skin, the butterfly breaking out of its cocoon to fly. Scorpio calls us to dive into the center of the flame, to go into the grief and make a friend with the unknown.

The house with Scorpio on the cusp is where you need to investigate mystery, probe the depths, and release passion. The same goes for the houses that contain Mars and Pluto. It is in the fierce realms of shadow and mystery that you can teach others the alchemy of regeneration and renewal.

In ancient times the symbol for this sign was not the lowly Scorpion stinging all in its dreadful path (including himself), but the fiery eagle, one of the four living creatures before the throne of God. The royal Persian star of Antares occupies this region of the sky (8° Sagittarius in the tropical zodiac), which imbues one with powerful passion if it is prominent in a chart.

To the Romans, Pluto was the god of the Underworld where all the veins of silver and gold ran. Pluto literally means “wealth.” A government controlled by the wealthy is called a plutocracy. Scorpionic and Plutonian people are tapped into the veins of underworld treasure if they can navigate the darkness and overcome the trials of the soul. Scorpio governs the reproductive organs, the elimination processes, and the mysterious, invisible chakra system running through the body.

When your Scorpio energy is misdirected the invisible and sometimes compulsive undercurrents transfix you. Remember, we have all twelve archetypes and their forces (planets) in our charts. We must be willing to claim the Scorpio in our charts, especially in a society that has repressed much of what this archetype is about. There is passion in Scorpio and the Latin root for passion means “to suffer.” When we face the dark essence of eternal being brewing within we come to our own human passion and how we are managing it.

Scorpio doesn’t sugar coat life. It lives in the depths. It stings, it hurts, and it regenerates and heals. Letting go sometimes hurts, and Scorpio governs the process of change. Our attachment is the source of our suffering in life. If we weren’t so resistant to change then we suffer less. Lost in obsession and vengefulness, the shadow of Scorpio emerges causing us to smolder in danger and moodiness.

Learn to overcome the shadow through expressing the opposite sign Taurus, gaining an ecstatic connection to life, practical grounding, and a deep reverence for nature. Ceres the grain goddess naturally opposes Pluto. It’s a timeless archetypal dance of life cycling through rebirth. The buckshot accusations fired randomly into the Scorpionic depths need to be aimed more at our cultures abuse of the Taurus archetype of fertility, abundance, and values. If we have a problem with the invisibility of Scorpio, then we have a problem with what we are valuing and how we are living in the moment as opposed to clinging to false images of security.

Yeats said that, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived and a source of revelation.” That’s why Scorpio wins the most fascinating archetype award in my mind. Scorpio looks us right in the eyes and asks if we are truly living the mystery.

The key word Powerful appears on both the light and dark sides of Scorpio. There is a vast difference between authentic spiritual power expressed through a loving conduit to aid life and to accelerate magical transformation and the dark, abusive, tyrannical, controlling magician. In all our dramatic stories, religious tales, and movies we see this dark power being expressed as a Lord Sauron or a Darth Vader or a Pluto. Tragedy is part of life, but the heroic good in humanity is called forth because of it. Installed with free will, we can abuse the power that’s entrusted to us. We can possess life or be possessed. It’s part of the marvelous play of galaxies colliding, stars exploding, hurricanes and volcanoes destroying cities. Birth is the gateway in but death is the gateway out and until we come to accept that rather than fear it, we won’t open up Scorpio’s chest of buried treasure. The Greeks had their Underworld; we have the Unconscious, which I’ve come to realize is the source of consciousness, the Source-Conscious.

The Spiritual principle of Scorpio is Surrender, aligning our human will with divine will. “Render” means to melt, and “surr” means highest. Therefore, surrender entails a melting to the most high, giving over our will to the universal will of divine love. Not everyone is ready to do that yet, but seasons of life come when the universe has to put us though a practice session. We lose our jobs, our children, our spouse, our whatever, and we’re stuck grieving and shaking fists at God. Unless of course we accept the transformation and realize that nothing is being done to us, but something magical is happening through us.

Addressing God, Rilke shouted, “Break in! Break in! So I can experience your great transformation. But you will experience my grief cry!” Those words reflect a powerful surrender that shows life as a two way street. God has not set up a universe of mere pawns. S\he is intensely passionate about the outcome like a football coach running down the sidelines yelling and screaming, “I trained you to play this game and your screwing everything up with mental errors!”

The glyph for Scorpio symbolizes the arcs of body and mind (emotion and thought) making a direct penetration into the heart of the eternal mystery. Scorpio is a water sign, and water can put out fire, erode earth, and stagnate air. It is the strongest element through its patient ability to adapt and surrender. Human beings are mostly liquid. As the Tao teaches, the way of being water is the most powerful response to any situation. Can you accept whatever happens and make use of any situation or experience, transforming adversity into opportunity? When that shift happens we enter the realm of the next archetype Sagittarius and Scorpio has succeeded.

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