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Scorpio Cartoon Character

Yosemite SamYosemite Sam from the Looney Toons series of cartoons seems to be a typical Scorpio, with a wide range of passionate and aggressive character traits.

This is much like the Scorpion in real life — the inner passions of the Scorpio person are what drive them, and they continually strive for success. This is a bit like Yosemite Sam when he is interacting – usually violently! – with his fellow cartoon characters.

If those around him don’t respond as quickly as he thinks they should, they get bonked on the head, and he yells and hollers — some of Sam’s, and the Scorpio person’s, friends can even be left behind if they don’t come up to par.

Like the Scorpio personality, the most unusual and unpredictable things can make Sam angry. And, like Scorpio, Sam’s hair-trigger temper can get in the way of ultimate success. The same driving force that makes both Sam and Scorpio so successful can also just as easily be the root cause of any failure.

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