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The Scorpio Child

Astrology & the Child

Astrology is a very practical tool in raising children. It provides information that eliminates judgment and criticism of a child (and parent) and can inspire communication between the generations. The knowledge of astrology enables us to enhance a child’s potential and to understand their specific behaviors. We can allow them to be who they are and not what we, society, or schools expect them to be.

Scorpio and the Child

Scorpio Child

Scorpio Child

The child sitting in the corner dressed in the darkest or boldest of colors and watching with deep penetrating eyes, is most certainly a Scorpio child. Depth and intensity of character can be seen at a very early age. This is indicated in their focus and persistence when pursuing a goal.

Scorpios must keep secrets. The babies enjoy hiding under blankets or pillows, especially when falling asleep. As they grow older a private place is essential — a room, a corner, or a closet. Scorpio children will not want to share everything with parents or siblings, and it would be a losing battle to try to force this issue. Yet they will want, even demand, to know the secrets of everyone else. Even if the secrets are not revealed to them,

Scorpio children will have a deep level of intuition that allows them to “know” untold things. Parents of Scorpio children learn very quickly to discipline their own thoughts from the penetrating thoughts of their child.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of power, which Scorpio children know instinctively and intimately. Their lives are all about learning how to use power intelligently, consciously, and without manipulation. Because this is quite an issue for, and with, Scorpio children, the sense of power can be turned inward to the self or outward to the world.

The quiet types may secretly be insecure, thinking that if people knew their inner thoughts, they would no longer be liked. These children need reassurance that they are loved just as they are — as they really are. Outwardly focused Scorpio children often have a powerful presence and magnetic personality. These children are often followed around by other children, without knowing the reason why.

Loving mysteries, secrets, and uncovering hidden things, Scorpio children sometimes talk of becoming archeologists, surgeons, psychiatrists, or researchers. When they begin asking questions, introduce them to the Internet and teach them how to find the answers themselves. Show them the shelf of mysteries at the library, and then leave them alone. Scorpios have to do things themselves. They find their independence that way.

Scorpio children are very sensitive, and easily hurt. The pretence that nothing bothers them is really a protection. They do not talk about their feelings unless a trust has been established that it’s safe to express their emotions.

Interested in the interplay between light and dark, Scorpio children may be delighted with themes of magic, horror, and darkness.

Scorpio rules the procreative parts of the body. Therefore, it is important to be frank and honest about sex. Scorpio children will understand and appreciate your honesty and it will help them develop a healthy attitude toward sex and intimacy in the future.

Acquaint your child with ancient Egypt — its history, tombs, pyramids, art, religion, and mystery temples. New Orleans would intrigue them, as would the countries Norway, Morocco, and North Africa, all Scorpio ruled.

The following creative people, whose life and works would be understood by the Scorpio child, are: poets Dylan Thomas, John Keats, and Ezra Pound; writers Stephen Crane, Will Rogers, Kurt Vonnegut, Voltaire, and George Eliot; artists Pablo Picasso, August Rodin, and Claude Monet; political leaders Robert F. Kennedy, Marie Antoinette, Chiang Kai-Shek, Indira Gandhi, J. Nehru, and Theodore Roosevelt; musicians Johann Strauss and John Phillips Sousa (marching music), outlaw Billy the Kid; cowboy-actor Roy Rogers and adventurer Daniel Boone.

Scorpio’s purpose is to penetrate into, and understand the secrets of matter, so don’t be discouraged if, as parents, you do not understand this sign’s nature. Puzzles, reading mysteries, studying the secrets of the universe together, will reveal this child to you. Their purpose is to regenerate life itself. That’s a big job.

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