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Scorpio Astronomically Speaking

Scorpio ConstellationScorpio, a lengthy star group in the night sky, looks like a question mark lying on its back. The largest of the twelve constellations with very bright stars, Scorpio is only partially visible, which is appropriate, since Scorpio is known for its hidden realities. Libra and Scorpio used to be one large constellation, but now they are two. At the center of Scorpio’s cloud nebula is Antares, a giant red star of the first magnitude and the brightest star in the Scorpio constellation. Antares is a Greek word — anti (opposite) plus Ares (Mars) — named because its red color is often mistaken for Mars. Mars, also red, and therefore called the “red” planet, is the Soul ruler of Scorpio.

In ancient Persia and Egypt, about 5,000 years ago, when the Autumn Equinox was in Scorpio, Antares, called one of the four Royal Stars, marked the equinox and solstice points. A cross was formed in the sky between Aldebaran (Taurus), Regulus (Leo), Fomalhaut (Aquarius), and Antares (Scorpio). Esoterically, these are the four points of the Fixed Cross (four fixed signs) and the signs that influence the Soul stage development on the Path of Discipleship.


The Soul ruler of Scorpio is Mars. Mars is half the size of Earth and has two moons — Deimos and Phobos. The atmosphere of Mars is similar to ours, though its magnetic field is quite different. Standing on Mars with a compass would yield little information about magnetic north. Oxygen is present on Mars and when oxygen hits iron it turns the metal red. Mars is therefore called the “red planet”.

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