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Scorpio Dragon Personality

The Dragon Scorpio is a crazed, incalculable, gargantuan superstar in embryo. You’ll go all-out towards that impossible goal, and get there in no time or know the reason why. You’re the sort who loves nothing more than to find a brick wall and beat your head against it until it falls, as it always does for you in the end.

As a Dragon heir apparent, control is everything for you — if you lose it, you’ll crash and burn, and you will not have that! Skirting the outer limits of self-destruction is merely a lifestyle choice for you, nothing more.

Dragon ScorpioYou can often be at the mercy of your strong Scorpio sexual urges, but afterwards it’s always back to the business at hand.

You expect absolute fealty from your lovers, and can never trust them out of your sight, but it’s pointless making them sign those notarized oaths of fealty you keep under the bed. All you can do is pull in the reins on your tendency towards terminal jealousy, before it wipes out another perfect relationship.

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