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Scorpio is considered the sign of sexuality because, being the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio rules the eighth area of the body–that of the reproductive organs. Protecting the procreative and regenerative glands, which create and preserve the procreative germ cells, is one of the functions of Scorpio.

As one of the three water signs, and therefore of an emotional nature, Scorpio’s connection with sexuality has not yet been fully realized at this stage of humanity’s evolution. Yet we do know that sexuality is a force in our lives that is sometimes out of control. When we experience sexuality it often ends in complete surrender or transformation of parts of ourselves. We don’t understand sexuality much beyond the desire at the beginning and the orgasm at the end.

The purpose of sex is to fuse and blend pairs of opposites–male/female energies (not gender) and eventually the personality/Soul. The effects of sex are to vitalize the bloodstream and purify and stimulate all aspects of the body.

In very ancient times, a spiritual form of sexuality called Tantra was taught and practiced in the mystery temples. In a series of Hindu books, written in the form of a dialogue between the Hindu god Shiva (penetrating power of focused energy) and his consort, Shakti (female creative force), certain sexual rituals, disciplines, and meditations are described in which sexual love is considered a sacramental act. Spirituality is practiced and achieved in the form of sexual rapture. Tantric exercises aid couples searching to understand sex, heighten the awareness of love, and create harmony within intimacy.

Tantric philosophy is a way of life in which the higher spiritual realities (Spirit) link with and unify the lower realities of duality (personality). Duality, in physical terms, is expressed as the feminine pole and the masculine pole. The Tantric goal is unity through the act of sexuality. Tantra includes the study of the chakras, the seven spiritual centers within the body that align up the spine. The fire of Spirit rests at the lower chakra. Its goal, in terms of spiritual illumination, is to rise up through the chakras to finally reach the seventh chakra at the top of the head &emdash; where the real marriage takes place. And that’s another story.

Our Body Knows Best

Physiologically, Scorpio eliminates and transforms. It governs the colon, where the concentration and retention of body wastes occur until they are changed into a form suitable for excretion. Scorpio also rules the reproductive processes, from fertilized egg to the actual birth.

Anatomically, Scorpio rules the pelvic region and the organs within the pelvis. These are: reproductive organs, gonads, colon, rectum, and urinary system, including uterus and bladder.

Homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and Bach Flower Remedies specifically for Scorpio (person and time of year) are:

Homeopathic is Calcium sulfate, important for connective tissue cells, and essential to the healing process. Calc. sulph is a cleansing and purifying agent and, used with molasses, is a well-known old-time home remedy. This salt prevents gastric juices from dissolving the stomach lining, and is used to treat ulcers. Calc. sulph is also important in forming the reproductive hormones…a lack of this cell salt affects the ovaries, testes, and prostate gland. Calc. sulph is effective for elimination.

Foods containing Calcium sulphate include: asparagus, black cherries, blueberries, coconut, cress, cauliflower, figs, garlic, gooseberries, kale, leeks, mustard, olives, onions, radish, turnips, and prunes.

Herbs are black currant for inflammation (Mars), garlic (to cleanse), chicory (laxative), ginger (stimulant), basil, nettles, horehound, butterbur, and wormwood.

Vitamins are B12, B-complex, C and E. B12 helps prevent anemia by regenerating red blood cells, increasing energy, and improving memory and balance; B-complex is essential to the health of the nervous system, and is used tobreakdown proteins, carbohydrates, and fats; C strengthens the immune system, and E is an anti-oxidant.

Minerals are zinc, folic acid, and potassium.

Bach Flower Remedies are Vervain, Beech, and Elm.

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