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Scorpio In Karmic Astrology

Scorpio To get to the core or source of self, things and others; and to aid others to realize the same

Hidden agendas will filter the perspective and mar the results. Analysis must be coupled with inspired Wisdom and objectivity. One must first be invited to work on others, otherwise it is called manipulation and meddling. Very like a democratic society, your mission requires a constant vigilance against insurrection and sabotage–from within and without! An instigator can also be a healer.

“Balance knowledge (not opinions) with intuition and a loving objectivity and you will get closer.”

This is a sign that demands intense rectification of any Karmic liabilities. This person will use any means to deluge the soul with conditions to mete karmic conditions. There is often many oriental, Buddhic, Hebrew, Druidic, Shamanic cultures represented in just one Scorpio sign. That is also true of the sign of Scorpio in the Mandala.

To get to the depth of energy in Scorpio, one must practice some severe disciplines: Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Sufi Dancing, Sweat Lodges, Drumming, Chanting, Ashram involvement. The Scorpio has had many past lives where death of the body and spirit was experienced in dramatic form. This may cause them to be fearful of knives, spears, castration, or any dreadful form of punishment. Many of them are death defying individuals capable of very intense inner work.

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