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The Scorpio Man

An intense and profound look, a desire for challenge and action, the ability of going straight to the target because the Scorpio Man is able to immediately understand the fragility and the difficulties of those around him.

An unforgettable man for several reasons: the fantastic ability of putting passion and intensity in everything, less evident and terribly hard, cruel and revengeful when someone is decisively close or when making someone pay.

In any case, the Scorpio Man motto seems to be: “you will remember me not necessarily for my gushing personality, but for the intelligence and the astuteness and the ability of understanding the complexities of the human mind”.

In fact he is a very particular man because he possesses charcateristics that reach him directly from the element of water: sensitiveness, the ability to be moderate and intimate and of clearly understanding the world and the female psyche, although he never remains a victim.

The Scorpio man moves well in powerful positions and who instead toils very much in a normal dimension: he is not interested in external visibility, but the real power, which is not seen but can literally make the difference, where one can act between the hidden folds of the situations.

He has everything to be a “man of power”, and if he manages to keep away from certain opinions and fights to the last man (that entwine him very much) he can have a good head, be charismatic and able to lead, to inspire and be the catalyst in the transformation of others.

He must nevertheless pursue personal goals, but not on an exclusive basis, and he must express his immense creativity and sensitiveness otherwise he risks being a prey and suspicious and depressed, putting in motion strongly self-destructive and destructive attitudes.

Ancient astrology has never reserved a particular liking for men of this sign, has always signalled them as avid for power, cruel, false and revengeful, forgetting nevertheless the huge potential that they possess and that can be put at the service of the community on condition that they become conscious of their internal dynamics, their touchiness and their easiness with being inconsistent and completely irrational when they come intimately and personally in touch.

The Scorpio man clearly knows the power of emotions because he has suffered, and therefore, can be afraid of allowing himself to go and of being allowed; nevertheless when he really wants something, he often ccontrols his sentiments so that he never loses his head, in order not to risk “falling victim to the power of another”.

What lets him become intense and irresistible in the female world is the sexual potential that he can use with abundance to get where he wants but that often splits in the ablest way when faced with real sentiments.

Anyone can fall into his trap that he can prepare to defend himself against the fear of not being able to control will happen in the entangled and powerful world of his sentiments and his instincts with his head.

The native Scorpio needs to recover the “personal power” inside him to be able to allow him to go without controlling everything that happens in his life. He needs to find that trust in himself and in humanity that he has too often lost, substituting it with a false detachment and with a cynicism that makes him lose contact with his most profound part.

The Scorpio man needs to pass through his darkness to recover that sense of personal strength that will give him the right tools to support what is asked of him.

The Scorpio man is a complex leader, a man who can lead and who can support others in their path of transformation and recovery, and a man who can give his bright energy only if he has thought about his “fears” for a long time, otherwise he can be transformed into a kind of psychic vampire who needs to have power over others, manipulating them and curbing them to his wishes.

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