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Scorpio May 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our May 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Scorpio Zodiac Sign!

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

You are in a creative and innovative mood – you welcome new ideas and can be quick to change your mind about things as new information comes to light. This is not the time to be stuck in your ways as events will challenge you to defend your views and move with the times. Some may find you erratic as you may appear to be chopping and changing between this thing, and that. It is certainly a month of fast-paced activity, and you will not have much time to relax.

Scorpios love to broach taboo subjects, and you may use in May 2016 to bring up some truths that everyone else is steering clear of – you may stir up controversy by saying what others are thinking. My advice is to think about whether you can handle the heat before you turn it up – it may be worth it in the long run, but do make a calculated choice before wading in on any controversial topic.

This can be an irritating month when people seem to get in your way for no good reason, creating what you see as unnecessary problems. It will mainly be people in bureaucratic positions or in the civil service who cause you trouble – try and be diplomatic, but keep the pressure on.

This is not a month for self-discipline, and so if you are on a diet or training for something, make allowances and cut back in April, so you don’t feel too bad. Do not leave yourself with too many deadlines for May as it will be hard to muster up the determination and concentration levels to achieve what you need to do. This is a great month for errands, communicating, learning new things and local travel.

There will be many social engagements, i.e. parties and other celebrations, and this will put you into a fun-loving, carefree frame of mind.

May 2016 Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

Your needs in your relationship are changing, but is your partner keeping up? You and your loved one’s needs may be at odds in May 2016, and it can be hard to strike a balancing act.

Emotions can run high in May 2016, and it may not be easy for you to see his/her point of view – you may be accused of not being sensitive enough. It is likely that you will say something that seems obvious to you, but is perceived as being very hurtful to the other person. This can be the problem: what you see as hurtful is not what your partner sees as hurtful/insulting and vice versa. This can mean that passions become inflamed over things that you each say without meaning to be taken as badly as they are. Respect runs both ways: you demand it, and you must give it. However, it is not that simple as your definitions of respect are very different – this is where you need to listen more and make an effort to understand what hurt your loved one and how they interpret respect.

Do not go overboard giving your partner what they do not want – sometimes what you enjoy giving is not what your partner enjoys receiving. It boils down to understanding each other’s needs better and being willing to accommodate them. You are highly aware of psychic undercurrents in the relationship right now, and that can make you suspicious; please keep things in proportion.

Single Scorpio are very idealistic in love and may be prepared to make sacrifices for a partner whom they have only known a short time – do not let your heart run away totally unrestrained, allow your head a say.

All relationships can be rather extreme right now – swinging from love to hate and back again, but there certainly is passion and fire.

Scorpio Career Horoscope May 2016

Scorpios work best where they are emotionally involved in the job. In jobs where this is the case, you can work tirelessly and almost obsessively to achieve results in May 2016. Your work is also very personal to you, and you will defend your ideas and your projects pugnaciously.

Artistically, Scorpios can produce work of great drama and flair this May. Those who write books, articles, columns, etc. may aim to be shocking and provocative in what they say to get people talking. An excellent month for movie makers, playwrights and writers of fiction.

It is a very effective month for those in politics or speech writing where mass communication of ideas and the ability to rouse an audience is important – you have the power to use words to manipulate and engender a response. Scorpio bankers, stockbrokers, investors and those who handle others’ money must be very cautious in May 2016 – do not take risks.

A lack of objectivity and a tendency to be emotionally involved to too great a degree can impair your judgment, and you must try and be more detached and listen to advice in May 2016.

Both women and men can use sexual tactics to gain an advantage or make an impression at work – use this by all means, but do keep control as it can be a tactic with a downside.


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