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Scorpio Monkey Personality

Lying, cheating and stealing? Certainly not! The Monkey Scorpio prefers the words embellishing, streamlining and borrowing, but what’s in a word? Self-control is not your strong suit, but you’d better learn some fast or you may find yourself operating on the wrong side of the law before you know it.

The Scorpio admixture tends to bring out the Monkey’s dishonest side, and we all know this crafty simian can be the rudest beast in the zoo if not kept on a tight leash.

As far as the person on the other end of that leash, you should see to it that they bring to the partnership a strong and vibrant personality of their own, as clashes are almost guaranteed, and you can’t abide a pushover when it comes to a contest of wills.

Perhaps you should consider a career in international espionage!

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